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The Australasian College of Health Informatics is the professional body for health informatics in the Asia-Pacific region.

It consists of credentialed fellows and members as well as associate and student members. The college is an academic institutional member[1] of the International Medical Informatics Association and a full member of the Australian Council of Professions.[2] It was founded in 2002 and regularly provides comment and input to papers, proposals and legislative drafts in the region.[3]

The college sees its functions as:

  • standards setting for education and professional practice in health informatics
  • support of health informatics initiatives
  • facilitation of collaboration
  • community mentoring

The college sponsors the electronic Journal of Health Informatics.[4] It has also supported the Australian Health Informatics Education Council since its founding in 2009.[5]

The college has Memoranda of Understanding with the Australian Library and Information Association, the Health Information Management Association of Australia and the Health Informatics Society of Australia.


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