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BonsaiLIMS logo.jpg
Developer(s) Secluk Bozdag
Initial release November 23, 2010 (2010-11-23)[1]
Discontinued 1.0 / November 23, 2010; 12 years ago (2010-11-23)
Written in Python, Django
Operating system Cross-platform
Type Laboratory informatics software
License(s) GNU Lesser General Public License

BonsaiLIMS was a free lightweight open-source laboratory information management system (LIMS) solution that "allows users to manage their studies and sample data though a secure web interface."[2] The software was implemented as a module, which can then be embedded into a larger portal application via Django, a Python web framework.[2]

Product history

Members of the Translational Medicine Research Collaboration (TMRC), a partnership of several Scottish universities, pharmaceutical company Wyeth, and Scottish Enterprise[3], needed an inexpensive and easy-to-implement laboratory informatics system for their research facility, so they decided to develop one to meet their requirements. Their goal was stated as wanting to[2]:

  • move bench scientists involved in translational research away from ad-hoc data recording
  • provide central management of lab data
  • improve sample management
  • improve collaboration between lab scientists

A SourceForge project was created on November 23, 2010, the same day as its original public release.[1] The project was never updated, however, and appears to be abandoned.


The developers released a short user guide on SourceForge detailing what the software does.

Hardware/software requirements

Installation requirements and instructions are listed on the SourceForge page.

Videos, screenshots, and other media

The user guide on SourceForge has a few screenshots of the software.

Entities using BonsaiLIMS

Further reading

External links

BonsaiLIMS can be found on SourceForge. However, use caution when downloading and installing from there; the install package may contain undesirable add-on software.


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