Book:Introduction to Nuclear Medicine & Radiation Oncology

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Introduction to Nuclear Medicine & Radiation Oncology
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Introduction to Nuclear Medicine & Radiation Oncology

This volume provides an undergraduate-level look at nuclear medicine and radiation oncology. The content originates from two Wikibooks, found here and here, and is made available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported license.

1. Basic Physics of Nuclear Medicine - Part 1
Atomic & Nuclear Structure
Radioactive Decay
The Radioactive Decay Law
Units of Radiation Measurement
Interaction of Radiation with Matter
Attenuation of Gamma-Rays
Gas-Filled Radiation Detectors
Scintillation Detectors
Nuclear Medicine Imaging Systems
Computers in Nuclear Medicine
Fourier Methods
X-Ray CT in Nuclear Medicine
PACS and Advanced Image Processing
Three-Dimensional Visualization Techniques
Patient Dosimetry
Production of Radioisotopes
Chapter Review
2. Basic Physics of Nuclear Medicine - Part 2
Dynamic Studies in Nuclear Medicine
Deconvolution Analysis
Sonography & Nuclear Medicine
MRI & Nuclear Medicine
Dual-Energy Absorptiometry
3. Bullet Points on Radiation Physics in Oncology - Part 1 - Physics and Treatment
Physics Basics
Radiation Interactions
ICRU Reports
AAPM and TG Reports
Isotopes Used in Radiation Oncology
Treatment Machines
Radiation Protection
4. Bullet Points on Radiation Physics in Oncology - Part 2 - Treatment Planning
Contraindications to Radiation Therapy
Treated Anatomy
Anatomical Contouring Guidelines
Bone Marrow Distribution and Effects
Radiation Therapy Applications
Motion in Radiotherapy
Intensity-modulated Radiation Therapy - Overview
Intensity-modulated Radiation Therapy - Technical
Simulation Devices
Treatment of Patients with Pacemakers and ICDs
Dose Evaluation