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Next-Generation Sequencing
A Brief Introduction
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Next-Generation Sequencing: A Brief Introduction

The goal of this short volume is to act as "a collective lab book that explains the key concepts and describes best practices in NGS" or next generation sequencing. The content originates from Wikibooks and is made available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported license.

1. What Is DNA and Next-Generation Sequencing?
Basics of DNA sequencing
Advanced DNA sequencing and next-generation methods
Next-generation sequencing technologies and terminology
NGS and big data
2. Bioinformatics Interfaces for Next-Generation Sequencing
Bioinformatics from the outside
Pre-processing of NGS data
3. Next-Generation Sequencing Using a Reference Genome
DNA variants
4. Next-Generation Sequencing without a Reference Genome
De novo genome assembly
De novo RNA assembly
5. Next-Generation Sequencing Research and Technology
Genome-wide association studies: An introduction
The genome-wide association study
Open-source integrative platforms
6. The Rest
Contributing authors