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Developer(s) CalemEAM Inc.
Initial release October 7, 2007 (2007-10-07) (2.0.1)[1]
Stable release

2.1e (Community)  (October 3, 2016; 6 years ago (2016-10-03) (Community))

Preview release None [±]
Written in PHP, JavaScript
Operating system Cross-platform
Available in English, German
Type Enterprise management software
Enterprise resource planning software
License(s) Mozilla Public License 1.1

CalemEAM is commercial open-source enterprise resource planning and asset management software. It comes in a commercial fee-based Enterprise version. The company still offers a free Community edition[2], but that version has not been updated since May 2008[1], leaving it with a 65 percent recommendation rating on SourceForge as of January 2013.[3]

Product history

The open-source CalemEAM project began on SourceForge on May 3, 2007[3], followed by a beta 1.0.1 release of the software a few days later.[1] By October 2007, the backing company CalemEAM Inc. was offering two fee-based commercial versions of the free open-source software: a Professional and an Enterprise edition.[4] That same month the first stable version of the free Community edition was released as version 2.0.1.[1] The company produced two more updated versions of the Community version: 2.1, released in May 2008 and 2.1a in October 2013.[1] A period of silence was followed by updates to the community version suddenly appearing again on SourceForge in February 2016.[1]


The main features of CalemEAM Community edition are not clear.[5] A user manual exists online, but it's not clear if it's for the Community version or not.

Hardware/software requirements

Installation requirements for CalemEAM Community edition include Apache, MySQL and PHP. However, it's not clear what version of those items are needed to run it. See the setup guide for more details.

Videos, screenshots, and other media

  • Documentation for CalemEAM can be found at the wiki, but it's not clear if it's entirely for the Community edition.

Entities using CalemEAM

Further reading

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A deprecated version of CalemEAM can be found on SourceForge. However, use caution when downloading and installing from there; the install package may contain undesirable add-on software.