California College - San Diego

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California College - San Diego
Type Private non-profit (for IRS); for-profit (for Title IV student-aid)[1]
Established 1978 (1978)
President Eric Juhlin
Location San Diego, California, United States
Campus Urban
Colors Navy blue, white, and maroon
Nickname Bulldogs

California College - San Diego (also known as CCSD) is a private college located in San Diego, California. The college is one of four educational institutions affiliated with the Salt Lake City-based Center for Excellence in Higher Education (CEHE). As of August 2016, the college is considered a non-profit for IRS tax purposes but a for-profit for Title IV student-aid purposes, though the CEHE is fighting this ruling in court.[1] Online programs are offered by their affiliated institution, Independence University.

Informatics programs

The school used to have bachelors and master's programs in health informatics, but the appear to have been discontinued in approximately 2017 or 2018.

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