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Care2X logo.png
Developer(s) Care2X Team
Initial release January 12, 2004 (2004-01-12) (1.1)[1]

2.6.27  (January 13, 2012; 12 years ago (2012-01-13))

Preview release 2.7 Alpha  (March 18, 2015; 9 years ago (2015-03-18)) [±]
Written in Java, JavaScript, PHP, PL/SQL, Perl
Operating system Cross-platform
Available in Multi-lingual
Type Hospital information system
License(s) GNU General Public License v2.0

Care2X was a free open-source hospital information system (HIS).

Product history

Care2X started as Care 2002 via a SourceForge project started on May 19, 2002.[2] While working on the beta in the summer of 2003, the name changed from Care 2002 to Care2X.[3] Beta work continued on the project until the first official release of Care2X arrived as version 1.1 on January 12, 2004.[1] Work was mostly steady on the project until around 2010. Little in the way of news or updates occurred until a January 2012 release of version 2.6.27 on SourceForge.[1] The status of the project and its future is unknown.

As of May 2021, more than six years have passed since the 2.7 Alpha release. The project is presumed to be discontinued or abandoned at this point.


The main features of Care2X included[4]:

  • query tools
  • extended data validation
  • customizable display
  • multi-language support
  • webcam support
  • user configurations
  • auto-complete functions
  • content editing

Hardware/software requirements

  • Apache 1.X or 2.X server
  • PHP 4.0.4pl1 through 4.3.4
  • MySQL 3.2x through 4.0.x

PostgreSQL may also work. See the system requirements page for more information.

Videos, screenshots, and other media

  • Screenshots of Care2X could be found on Softpedia.
  • A demo of Care2X was available here.

Entities using Care2X

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