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Occhiolino GNULIMS logo.png
Developer(s) Luis Falcon and GNU Solidario
Initial release No official release posted
Development status Production
Written in Python
Operating system Cross-platform
Type Laboratory informatics software
License(s) GNU General Public License v3

GNU LIMS a.k.a. Occhiolino is a free open-source modular and scalable laboratory information management system that runs on the Tryton framework. [1]

Product history

On October 22, 2013, the GNU LIMS project was registered on software repository Savannah by developers Sebastián Marró and Luis Falcon.[2] On November 5, the first major commit to the project was uploaded to an associate Mercurial deposit.[3]

Sometime in 2017, the project page was updated to reflect that Sebastián Marró was no longer working on the project, but it finally was stated that the project was out of alpha and in some sort of a production phase. Additionally, the update reflected that as of GNU Health's version 3.2, while continuing to be integrated with GNU Health, GNU LIMS would receive its own repository and development track.[4] However, no downloadable beta version was listed on the Savannah site, and the URL to the download area continued to not function.

As of May 2021, while the LIMS component of GNU Health has it's own repository, it hasn't been updated since 2017. However, those same components continue to be integraged with the GNU Health repository and may be receiving upgrades as part of that repository.


Stated features include[1]:

  • modular
  • scalable
  • standard-based
  • multi-lingual
  • sample management
  • lab equipment integration
  • workflow management
  • supplier and supply chain management
  • accounting
  • inventory management
  • purchase management
  • sales management

Hardware/software requirements

Requirements seem to be the Tryton framework.

Videos, screenshots, and other media

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