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Hyalobarrier is a substance to keep tissue apart post surgery and therefore prevent adhesions. It contains autocross-linked hyaluronan. Highly viscous due to condensation. Hyaluronan is present in cartilage and skin hence there is a natural metabolic pathway for it. This gel is used to separate organs and tissue after surgery.

Scientific documentation so far covers the gynaecology speciality. IE Laparoscopic surgery, hysteroscopy/hysteroscopic surgery but also open surgery. According to data in a Cochrane collaboration review barrier agents may be a little more effective in preventing adhesions than no intervention. The Cochrane report also states that the incidence of postsurgical adhesions is as high as 50 to 100%.[1] In a recent review by C Sutton (University of Surrey, Guilford UK), it is stated that Hyalobarrier is the only anti adhesive substance that has published data for intrauterine use.[2]

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