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A number of online neuroscience databases are available which provide information regarding gene expression, neurons, macroscopic brain structure, and neurological or psychiatric disorders. Some databases contain descriptive and numerical data, some to brain function, others offer access to 'raw' imaging data, such as postmortem brain sections or 3D MRI and fMRI images. Some focus on the human brain, others on non-human.

As the number of databases that seek to disseminate information about the structure, development and function of the brain has grown, so has the need to collate these resources themselves. As a result, there now exist databases of neuroscience databases, some of which reach over 3000 entries.[1]

Neuroscience databases

Name Description Organism Level (gene, neuron, macroscopic) Data (MRI, fMRI, images, descriptive, numerical) Disorder Register to view data? Ref.
A Virtual Library for Behavioral Performance in Standard Conditions – Rodent Spontaneous Activity in an Open Field during Repeated Testing and after Treatment with Drugs or Brain Lesions Research using an animal model of obsessive-compulsive disorder employed a standardized paradigm where the behavior of rats in a large open field was video recorded for 55 min on each test. Rat Macroscopic Video Obsessive-compulsive disorder No [2]
Allen Brain Atlas Atlas, stained sections from brains showing development and gene expression Mouse, Human Macroscopic, Gene Images Healthy No [3]
Alzheimer's Disease Neuroimaging Initiative (ADNI) Structural MRI images Human Macroscopic MRI datasets Healthy and Alzheimer's disease Yes [4]
Big Brain 3D reconstruction of complete brain from cell-body stained histology sections at 20 micron isotropic resolution Human Microscopic Images Healthy No [5]
BIRN fMRI and MRI data fMRI, MRI scans and atlases for human and mouse brains Mouse, Human Multilevel: brain regions, connections, neurons, gene expression patterns MRI datasets, fMRI datasets Healthy, Elderly No
Bipolar Disorder Neuroimaging Database Meta-analysis and database of MRI studies Human Macroscopic Descriptive, numerical Bipolar Disorder No [6]
Brain Architecture Management System Online resource for information about neural circuitry Rat, mouse, human Multilevel: brain regions, connections, neurons, gene expression patterns Descriptive, numerical Healthy No
Brain Cloud Gene expression in the human prefrontal cortex Human Gene expression patterns Descriptive, numerical Healthy No
Brain-CODE A multi-modal, cross-disorder platform for integrated neuroscience research and data by the Ontario Brain Institute. Human, Animal Multimodal datasets (clinical, imaging, molecular, etc.) Descriptive, numerical, imaging, molecular, genetics Neurodevelopmental, Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy, Depression, Neurodegeneration, Concussion Yes [7] Structural MRI images and Atlases Human Macroscopic MRI datasets Fetuses, healthy and prematurely born neonates Yes [8] Braingraphs computed from the Human Connectome Project data Human Macroscopic, up to 1015 nodes directed and undirected graphs in anatomically annotated GraphML format Healthy No [9]
Braininfo Atlas, schematic atlas of Macaca fascicularis Macaque Macroscopic Schematic images Healthy Yes
Brain Machine Interface Platform Different types of data related to brain machine interface Human, Monkey Macroscopic, Neuron Images, Numerical Healthy No fMRI coordinate database Human Macroscopic Descriptive Healthy Yes [10]
BrainMaps Atlas, high resolution stained sections from brains Human, primate and non-primate (14 species in all) Neuron and Macroscopic Images Healthy No [11]
Brain/MINDS Dataportal Atlas, in-vivo and ex-vivo MRI scans, ECoG recordings Common Marmoset, Human Macroscopic Images Healthy No [12]
Brede Database fMRI and PET coordinate database Human Macroscopic Descriptive Healthy No [13] / MSU Brain Biodiversity Bank Atlas, stained sections from brains and MRI images Human and 62 other species Macroscopic Images Healthy No
Brainomics/Localizer fMRI and MRI scans, behavioral data Human Macroscopic Images, Numerical Healthy No [14]
BuzLabDB: The Buzsaki Lab Databank Electrophysiological recordings performed in freely moving rats and mice collected by investigators in the Buzsaki Lab Mice and rats Multiscale Spike trains, LFP, Raw ephys data Healthy No [15][16]
Caltech Subcortical Atlas MRI scans Human Macroscopic MRI Healthy No [17]
Cambridge Centre for Ageing and Neuroscience (Cam-CAN) MRI, fMRI, MEG data for ~700 population-derived healthy adults aged 18–88 Human Macroscopic Images, Descriptive, Numerical Healthy No [18]
The Cancer Imaging Archive MRI, CT, and PET imaging of cancer patients with supporting clinical data (in many cases) Human Macroscopic Images, Descriptive, Numerical Cancer No [19]
Cerebellar Development Transcriptome Database Atlas, stained sections from mouse brains showing cerebellar development and gene expression Mouse Macroscopic, Gene Images Healthy No [20]
Collaborative Research in Computational Neuroscience ( Many kinds of neuroscience results that are relevant for modeling Human and several other species Multiscale Spike trains, LFP, MUA, MRI Healthy Yes
DANDI: Distributed Archives for Neurophysiology Data Integration cellular neurophysiology data including electrophysiology, optophysiology, and behavioral time-series, and images from immunostaining experiments Human and several other species Multiscale Spike trains, LFP, MUA, MRI Healthy
Database for Reaching Experiments And Models (DREAM) Reaching data (behavioral, generalization, adaptation, learning, spike, fMRI, uncertainty) Human and monkey Macroscopic Kinematic, Spike, fMRI Healthy Yes
The fMRI Data Center fMRI datasets from published studies Human Macroscopic fMRI datasets Healthy Yes [21]
GLIMPS Project (GLucose IMaging in Parkinsonian Syndromes) International FDG-PET scan neurodegenerative disease database Human Macroscopic FDG-PET images Parkinson's disease (PD), Alzheimer's disease (AD), multiple system atrophy (MSA), progressive supranuclear palsy (PSP), etc. Yes
Hippocampome Portal Circuitry, neural types, electrophysiology Adult human Neuron Cell morphology, electrophysiology, region makeup, connectivity Healthy Yes [22][23]
IBA: Infant Brain Atlas Infant brain atlases from 2 weeks to 2 years of age Human infants Macroscopic, microscopic, brain regions MRI Healthy No [24]
International Epilepsy Electrophysiology Database ( EEG, metadata, imaging, annotations on data Humans and animal models of epilepsy EEG, local fields, micro-ECoG Electrophysiology Non-healthy, several healthy Yes
International Neuroimaging Data-sharing Initiative (INDI) Functional connectivity data from many different groups Invertebrates (47 species in all) Macroscopic Functional connectivity Healthy, non-healthy Yes
Invertebrate Brain Platform Photos of dissections of invertebrates nervous systems Invertebrates (47 species in all) Macroscopic Photos Healthy No
In vivo human phantom Ultrahigh resolution MRI data of a single participant including 150 μm ToF angiography, 250 μm T1-weighted MPRAGE, 330 μm QSM, 450 μm T2-weighted TSE, 800 μm DTI, one hour continuous 1.8 mm rs-fMRI and structural data acquired over more than a decade Human Mesoscopic Structural MRI with various contrasts, microstructure MRI and functional MRI Healthy No [25]
JuBrain atlas Probabilistic cytoarchitectonic 3D maps of the human brain Human Mesoscopic Structural Healthy No [26][27]
Kymata Atlas Functional atlas of the human cortex Human Macroscopic Functional Healthy No [28]
Major Depressive Disorder Neuroimaging Database Meta-analysis and database of MRI studies Human Macroscopic Descriptive, numerical Major Depressive Disorder No [29]
Marmoset Gene Atlas Gene expression in the common marmoset whole brain Common Marmoset Macroscopic, Gene Images Healthy No [30]
Mouse Brain Library Atlas, stained sections from mouse brains Mouse Macroscopic Images Healthy No [31]
MouseLight Complete, whole-brain reconstructions Mouse Neuron Cell morphology, projectome connectivity Healthy No [32]
NeuroData Volumetric datasets, atlases, and connectomics research Multiple Multiscale Images (3D, 4D) Various No Electrophysiology of neurons Human, others Neuron Electrophysiological properties and data Healthy No [33] 3D models of real neurons Human, rat, mouse, monkey, others Neuron Images and 3D data Healthy No [34] Manually labeled MRI Brain Scans Human Macroscopic T1-weighted MRI, labeled volumes Healthy No
NeuronDB Database of Neuron properties and classification Human Neuron Descriptive Healthy No [35]
Neuroimaging Tools and Resources Collaboratory (NITRC) Award-winning free collaboratory with over 1000 neuroinformatics software tools, imaging datasets, and community resources including forums and events. Human, mouse, rat, other Microscopic, macroscopic Datasets Healthy and diseased No
Open Access Series of Imaging Studies (OASIS) Structural MRI images Human Macroscopic MRI datasets Healthy and Alzheimer's disease Yes [36]
Open Connectome Project Database of different circuitry frameworks and neuroimaging datasets, including volumetric datasets, atlases, and connectomics research Human, mouse, bat, zebrafish, insect, other Multilevel: brain regions, connections, neurons, gene expression patterns Images and 3D data Healthy No [37]
openfnirs a meta-database specific to fNIRS data. The “Openfnirs meta-database” ( is a part of the openfnirs initiative whose mission is to foster the development of an fNIRS ecosystem and to promote the open dissemination of fNIRS hardware and software, as well as provide access to resources, documentation and training opportunities for fNIRS users. Human Macroscopic fNIRS (Functional_near-infrared_spectroscopy) Healthy and eventually various diseases No [38]
OpenNeuro Large and diverse collection of raw data from various research studies distributed under permissive licenses (CC0 and CC BY). All datasets are formatted according to the same format (Brain Imaging Data Structure) and can be accessed via Amazon S3. Human Macroscopic Functional, structural, diffusion MRI, and Magnetoencephalography datasets Healthy and various diseases No [39]
Open MEG Archive (OMEGA) Magnetoencephalography, structural MRI datasets, and demographics Human Macroscopic MEG, T1 MRI datasets, demographic data Healthy, ADHD, Traumatic brain injury Yes [40]
The PAIN Repository Structural, Diffusion and Functional MRI datasets Human Human Macroscopic MRI datasets and Metadata Healthy and Pain Conditions Yes [41]
Pig Brain Atlas Pig Brain Atlas is a three-dimensional MRI-based averaged brain and atlas of the neonatal piglet (Sus scrofa). Pig (Sus scrofa) Macroscopic Structural MRI Healthy Yes [42]
Primate Cell Type Database, a publicly available web-accessible archive of intracellular patch clamp recordings and highly detailed three-dimensional digital reconstructions of neuronal morphology. Non-human primate and human Neuron Electrophysiology, Morphology and 3-d Reconstructions Healthy No
SchizConnect SchizConnect is an open, public search-and-download virtual database for schizophrenia neuroimaging (MRI) images and related data. Human Macroscopic Structural, Diffusion and Functional MRI datasets, cognitive and clinical assessments Schizophrenia (+ siblings), Bipolar Disorder, Controls (+ siblings) Yes [43]
Temple EEG Database Over 30,000 clinical EEGs and accompanying neurologist reports Human Macroscopic EEG Healthy and various diseases Yes [44]
Ultrahigh resolution T1-weighted whole brain MR dataset T1-weighted MR data acquired using prospective motion correction at an ultrahigh isotropic resolution of 250 μm. Human Mesoscopic Structural MRI dataset including scanner's raw to processed data Healthy No [45]
UNC-Wisconsin Neurodevelopment Rhesus MRI Database Structural and Diffusion Weighted MRI images in Native and Atlas Space Macaque Macroscopic MRI datasets Healthy No
Whole Brain Atlas Atlas, Structural MRI images and PET images Human Macroscopic Images Healthy and various diseases No
NeuroVault Unthresholded statistical maps from MRI and PET studies. Human Macroscopic Images Healthy and various diseases No [46]

Databases of neuroscience databases

Name Description Organism Level (gene, neuron, macroscopic) Data (MRI, fMRI, images, descriptive, numerical) Disorder Register to view data? Ref.
Neuroscience Information Framework A meta database of neuroscience-relevant data incorporating over 100 databases. Human, mouse, rat, worm Microscopic, macroscopic Datasets Healthy and diseased No [47]

Neuroscience article aggregators

Neuroscience feed at RightRelevance.[48]

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