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MindTouch Core
MindTouch logo.jpg
Developer(s) MindTouch, Inc.
Initial release July 25, 2006 (2006-07-25)[1]

10.1.4  (January 22, 2013; 9 years ago (2013-01-22))

Preview release none [±]
Written in PHP, C#
Operating system Cross-platform
Type Collaborative software
Content management system
License(s) GNU General Public License, Apache License
Website developer.mindtouch.com

MindTouch Core (also known as MindTouch, and formerly known as MindTouch DekiWiki and MindTouch Deki) was an open-source web-based collaboration and content management application, developed by MindTouch, Inc. and community contributors. It was divided into a PHP-driven front end and a C#-driven API, which is itself built on a service layer called DReAM. Both the front end and the API were distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License, while the DReAM service layer is released under the Apache License.

MindTouch packaged proprietary connectors on top of the open-source Core edition to provide a commercial version of their software, branded "MindTouch TCS," which was commercially supported.[2][3]

Product history

The application was originally known as DekiWiki, and was first released by MindTouch, Inc. in June 2006 as a fork of MediaWiki. Various changes were made to the MediaWiki software: wikitext was replaced with XHTML, a WYSIWYG editor was added, Lucene-based search and page hierarchies were all added, and a new user interface was created for the software.[4] For the "Hayes" release in July 2007, the back end was completely reimplemented in C#, resulting in an API built as web services on top of the new DReAM server and toolset.[4]

The name of the software was shortened from "DekiWiki to "Deki" in 2008.[5] Deki, hosted on the open-source hosting site SourceForge, was named Project of the Month in May 2008.[6] In February 2009, Deki was the 2nd-ranked project on SourceForge.[7]

The "Lyons" release in March 2009[8] and the associated commercial version MindTouch 2009[9], introduced push notifications on content change, key/value properties on page, user and file objects, and the "JEM" (Javascript Events & Messages) framework, which provides event coordination and message passing.[8] JEM integrates with the jQuery library and PageBus,[10] a JavaScript event and message bus, to build rich Internet applications.[11]

Later in 2009, the name of the application was changed again, to "MindTouch Core" or just "MindTouch".

In April 2013, MindTouch announced it was doing away with its free and open-source MindTouch Core in favor of its commercial business.[12]


Features of MindTouch Core included[13]:

  • a WYSIWYG editor
  • document and image management
  • versioning
  • user- and group-based security
  • granular permissions
  • page hierarchies
  • tagging
  • content chronologies
  • watchlists
  • Lucene-based search engine
  • RSS support
  • scripting on embedded data
  • robust extension support

Hardware/software requirements

Installation requirements varied depending on which operating system you use. See the installation guide for more details.

Videos, screenshots, and other media

Screenshots for MindTouch Core were found in the documentation.

MindTouch, Inc. has a YouTube channel.

User PCAddictsLive had a demo video of MindTouch Core on YouTube.

Entities using MindTouch

Examples of entities that used open-source MindTouch Core or the commercial version, MindTouch TCS, included:

American Physiological Society, Baxter Pharma, Clarian Health, East Jefferson Hospital, Emblem Health, Feinstein Kean Healthcare, Fujitsu, HealthEdge, Hospital Corporation of America, HetCak, Hyphen Health, Meredith, National Council of State Board of Nursing, Netherlands Institute of Forensics, Netherlands Vaccine Institute, Northwest Health Foundation, Nurses Board of Victoria, Regeneron, Siemens, Sonosite, The Jackson Laboratory, Toyota Motors Australia, Universal Hospital Services

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