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Developer(s) myExperiment development team
Initial release Unknown
Written in Ruby on Rails
Operating system Cross-platform
Type Workflow and process management software
License(s) BSD License[1]

myExperiment is free web-based open-source scientific workflow management software.

Product history

myExperiment is a scientific workflow sharing project started by the universities of Southampton, Manchester, and Oxford in the UK. The project is led by David De Roure and Carole Goble. A RubyForge project was started for myExperiment on June 6, 2007, though no files have been publicly released since its creation.[2]An online instance of the software is available as of November 2012, though it's not clear what version of it is running.[3] According to the project page, the software can be downloaded and installed[1], though it's not clear where to download it or what the installation requirements are.


Features of myExperiment include[4]:

  • user management
  • group management
  • resource management
  • workflow management
  • file management
  • tagging
  • referencing
  • news feed support

Hardware/software requirements

Installation requirements are unknown.

Videos, screenshots, and other media

  • Introduction and demos video of myExperiment can be found here.

Entities using myExperiment

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