NTT Managed Security Services

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NTT Managed Security Services
Industry Technology services
Managed security services
Founder(s) Government of Japan
Headquarters 4F Verde Building, 10 Bressenden Place, Victoria,
, United Kingdom
Number of locations 171
Area served Worldwide
Key people Abhijit Dubey (CEO)
Services Cybersecurity consulting, network security, endpoint security,
threat detection and response
Revenue Unknown (NTT Inc. data available, but not Ltd.)
Parent NTT Incorporated

NTT Managed Security Services is a suite of managed security services (MSS) offered by NTT Ltd., a multinational technology services and managed security services provider (MSSP) operating as part of NTT Group and NTT Incorporated. NTT Ltd. describes its MSS as helping clients "enhance customer and employee experience, transform their cloud strategy, modernize their networks, and strengthen their cybersecurity," as well as "automate their business processes and IT."[1] As of May 2021, NTT Ltd. is listed among the top 10 MSSPs around the world by several entities[2][3] and in the top 20 MSSPs by another.[4]

Managed security services

NTT Ltd. divides its managed security services (MSS) into seven categories:

  • Managed detection and response: Provides network and endpoint visibility, advanced analytics using machine learning and threat intelligence, "analyst-driven" attack investigation and disruption, incident reporting, compromised host isolation, and event dashboards[5]
  • Threat detection services: Provides threat detection services based upon the service package selected: Standard or Enhanced. Both packages offer 24/7 detection with updates, analytics, and reports from internal intelligence investigations and modeling. Enhanced adds packet capture data, malware execution reports, host recordings, incident investigation, threat hunting, and more.[6]
  • Enterprise security monitoring: Provides enterprise security monitoring based upon the service package selected: Standard or Enhanced. Both packages offer 24/7 monitoring with analyst-reviewed incident reports, customizable monitoring and reporting schemes, and customizable web portals. Enhanced adds wider global threat intelligence, device support, and optional raw log search.[7]
  • Security device management: Provides security device management based upon the service package selected: Standard or Enhanced. Both packages offer health and availability monitoring, improvement, and recommendation; incident generation, diagnosis, and reporting; capacity planning, monitoring, reporting, and recommendation; asset tracking and reporting; service request management and information fulfillment; and problem management. Enhanced adds multiple change implementations, incident resolutions, and more.[8]
  • Security operation center (SOC) as a service: Provides 24/7 staffed SOC center with incident monitoring and alerts; SIEM platform management and configuration; custom use-cases, dashboards, and reports; NTT's Cyber Threat Sensor; compliance monitoring, notification, and reporting; custom playbooks; and incident lifecycle support.[9]
  • Web application firewall (WAF) as a service: Provides WAF configuration and protection services based upon the service package selected: Standard or Enhanced. Standard provides WAF safeguarding with full web server visibility, 24/7 access to the NTT SOC for support and engineering, PCI DSS compliance reporting, and enhanced risk management. The Enhanced package provides the same and adds advanced incident detection and analytics, threat intelligence, threat hunting, full security incident reports with remediation recommendations, and business/regulatory compliance reporting.[10]
  • Vulnerability management: Provides 24/7 security monitoring and management across clouds, data centers, and on-premises server; managed or self-service scanning; internal and external vulnerability scanning; virtual machine tools and reports; customizable policy templates; and DHCP support. The service also integrates with its threat detection services at the Enhanced level.[11]

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