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Outboard logo.jpg
Original author(s) Richard F. Feuerriegel
Developer(s) Richard F. Feuerriegel
Initial release February 18, 2005 (2005-02-18) (2.0.0)[1]
Stable release

2.2.8  (October 16, 2020; 2 years ago (2020-10-16))

Preview release none [±]
Written in PHP
Operating system Cross-platform
Available in English
Type Productivity software
Time tracking software
License(s) GNU General Public License v2.0
Website aces.edu/~feuerri/outboard

OutBoard is free web-based open-source time tracking and availability software.

Product history

Outboard was created by Auburn University information technology specialist Richard F. Feuerriegel. The first known release of the software is version 1.2.0, released November 13, 2000.[1] It's not clear if it was an open-source release or not. After version 1.3 and 1.4 was created, an open-source SourceForge project was started for the software on March 12, 2003.[2] However, almost two years passed before the first open-source release (2.0.0) arrived on SourceForge, adding time clock and time tracking features.[1] After 2009, updates were sporadic, presumably due to the software functionality being in a mostly finished state. The latest version is 2.2.6, released in April 2012 to address compatibility with MySQL 5.1+.[1]


The main features of OutBoard include[3]:

  • dot positions
  • change logging
  • reporting and timesheet generation
  • configurable display
  • comments support
  • idle time outs
  • multi-user support
  • administrative functions
  • password authentication

Hardware/software requirements

Installation requirements for OutBoard include:

  • Apache 1.3.x or 2.x
  • PHP 5.x Apache module
  • MySQL 5.x

Consult the documentation (TXT) for more information.

Videos, screenshots, and other media

  • Screenshots of OutBoard can be found at the site.
  • Documentation for OutBoard can be found here.

Entities using OutBoard

Further reading

External links

OutBoard can be found on SourceForge. However, use caution when downloading and installing from there; the install package may contain undesirable add-on software.