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qcadoo MES
Developer(s) Qcadoo Limited
Initial release April 19, 2011 (2011-04-19) (0.3.0)[1]
Stable release

1.7.2  (May 23, 2017; 5 years ago (2017-05-23))

Preview release none [±]
Written in Java
Operating system Cross-platform
Available in English, Polish
Type Production management software
License(s) GNU Affero General Public License
Website qcadoo.com

qcadoo MES is an open-source manufacturing execution and production management system. The software is available as a free Community Edition and as fee-based commercial software as a service (SaaS).

Product history

An open-source project for qcadoo MES was started by Polish company Qcadoo Limited on SourceForge on April 7, 2011[2], and the first stable release of the software was made later that month as version 0.3.0.[1] The most current stable release is 1.2.0, released on February 14, 2013.[1]


The main features of qcadoo MES Community Edition include[3]:

  • modular
  • machinery management
  • order management
  • quality management
  • user management
  • production management
  • time and cost calculation

Hardware/software requirements

Installation requirements for qcadoo MES include:

  • Java 6 JDK
  • a supported database (the software has been tested with PostgreSQL)

According to Qcadoo Limited, installing the software "is not a trivial task." Consult the installation guide for more information.

Videos, screenshots, and other media

  • Videos for qcadoo MES can be found on YouTube.
  • You can trial qcadoo MES for 30 days by registering here. You will have to pay to continue using the hosted instance after those 30 days.

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