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Original author(s) Christian A. Gueymard
Developer(s) National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Initial release 1994 (1994) (2.0)[1]
Stable release 2.9.5 / 2006; 18 years ago (2006)
Preview release None
Written in FORTRAN
Operating system Cross-platform
Type Meteorology software
License(s) SMARTS license

SMARTS, otherwise known as the Simple Model of the Atmospheric Radiative Transfer of Sunshine is a software-based model used to compute "clear sky spectral irradiances (including direct beam, circumsolar, hemispherical diffuse, and total on a tilted or horizontal receiver plane) for specified atmospheric conditions."[2]

Product history

The software is based off the SMARTS1 spectral radiation model developed by Dr. Christian Gueymard in 1993, and its improved model SMARTS2 in 1995.[3][4] The first known public release of the software occurred in 1994 as version 2.0.[1] By November 1996 versioning was up 2.8[1], and in 2002 version 2.9 was released.[5] Version 2.9.3 was released sometime in 2005 as a limited beta[1][5], and the latest version, 2.9.5, was released in 2006.[6]

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