Secureworks Managed Security Services

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Secureworks Managed Security Services
Founder(s) Michael Pearson and Joan Wilbanks
Headquarters 1 Concourse Pkwy NE, #500, Atlanta, Georgia, United States
Number of locations 10
Area served Worldwide
Key people Wendy K. Thomas (CEO)
Services Security management, advanced threat services, security monitoring, vulnerability management
Revenue $94.4M (2024, Q1)[1]

Secureworks Managed Security Services is a suite of managed security services (MSS) offered by SecureWorks, Inc., a multinational cybersecurity and managed security services provider (MSSP). Secureworks describes its MSS as being able to "extend your security operations to bridge people, processes, and technology for 24x7 support."[2] As a whole, Secureworks has undergone a variety of changes, from an acquisition by Dell in 2011[3] to rumors of Dell looking to sell from 2019 onward[4][5], as well as a noticeable shift from cybersecurity services to cybersecurity software.[6][7] As of August 2023, Secureworks is listed among the top 15 MSSPs around the world by multiple entities.[8][9][10]

Managed security services

Secureworks divides its MSS into four categories[2]:

  • Security management: Provides managed firewall services; monitoring, maintenance, and administration of IDS/IPS technology; and intrusion prevention.
  • Advanced threat services: Provides advanced endpoint threat detection, prevention, and remediation.
  • Security monitoring: Provides security event monitoring, as well as log management and compliance reporting.
  • Vulnerability management: Provides vulnerability program management, vulnerability scanning, PCI scanning, web application scanning, and assistance with IT security policy compliance.

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