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This template formats a link for use in hatnote templates. It accepts two positional parameters, the link, and an optional display value. Links to categories and files are automatically escaped with the colon trick, and links to sections are automatically formatted as page § section, rather than the MediaWiki default of page#section.

This template doesn't work with subst.


Link only:

{{format link|link}}

Link plus display:

{{format link|link|display}}

If the link or display values contain an equals sign, you will need to specify the parameter names like this:

{{format link|1=link|2=display}}


  • {{format link|Lion}} → [[Lion]] → Lion
  • {{format link|Lion#Etymology}} → [[Lion#Etymology|Lion § Etymology]] → Lion § Etymology
  • {{format link|Category:Lions}} → [[:Category:Lions]] → Category:Lions
  • {{format link|Lion#Etymology|Etymology of lion}} → [[Lion#Etymology|Etymology of lion]] → Etymology of lion
  • {{format link}}Error: no link specified (help).

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