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[edit] [purge] Template documentation

When used on a template's /doc subpage, {{TEMPLATENAMEE}} evaluates to the name of the associated template. The result will be accurate when the end page is either the /doc subpage or the actual template page. The template makes a special case for the Template: namespace: the Template: prefix will be removed.

Note that the result will be wiki-URL-encoded. For a version suitable for display, see {{TEMPLATENAME}}.


The template takes one parameter: override. Normally, this template detects whether the end page is a documentation page by looking for the presence of a /doc subpage. If the documentation page is under a different name—for example, in a different language—then the proper subpage name should be passed to override. For example, if the documentation subpage were named Documentation:


The following subpages will always be removed:

  • /doc
  • /sandbox
  • /testcases

The {{{require}}} parameter can be set to a target subpage on which the template should function. If the current subpage does not match {{{require}}} and the argument is not omitted, the template will evaluate to nothing. This is useful to prevent recursive loops on some templates pages that might otherwise reference themselves.

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