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This template is a {{tl}}-style template-link tag that boldfaces the template name, and accepts parameters. It's the same as {{tlx}} except that it boldfaces the name of the template (or you can think of it as the same as {{tlb}} except that it uses <code>...</code> to provide a non-proportional, monospaced font instead of normal text). Its main use is in highlighting to distinguish between multiple templates with similar names, in documentation, talk page discussions, etc.


Code Result Remark
{{tlxb|abc}} {{abc}}
{{tlxb|abc|parameter1|parameter2}} {{abc|parameter1|parameter2}}
{{tlxb|abc|parm1|parm2{{=}}foo}} {{abc|parm1|parm2=foo}} Equal signs need to be escaped using {{=}}.
{{tlxb}} {{Tlxb}} This actually substitutes the current page name. Useful as a self-reference; won't be linked.

The rest of the documentation is for {{tlx}}, which works the same way.