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[unreliable source?]

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This template will categorize tagged articles into Category:All articles lacking reliable references. Add this template only after a good faith attempt to verify the reliability of the source in question.

This template takes two optional parameters:

  • failed - which if set to 'y' will remove the question mark, noting this as a source that has failed verification. Use: {{Verify credibility|failed=y}}
  • date - which should be set to the month and year when the article was tagged. Use: {{Verify credibility|date=November 2022}}

For whole sections or articles, use Template:Not verified.

Usage guidelines

This tag is intended to be used when a statement is sourced, but it is questionable whether the source used is reliable for supporting the statement.

This tag should not be used on contentious statements about living persons; if the source is not credible and reliable, the statement should be removed immediately.

This tag should not be used on statements of the form "X says Y" when it is credible that the source is written or published by X and "Y" is credibly stated in the source; whether or not "Y" is true, it is clearly true that X said it. If there are other problems with the statement, such as undue weight, irrelevance, or contentious statements about (other) living persons, the tags appropriate to those issues should be used instead or the entire statement should be removed.

Shortcuts and aliases

  1. {{rs}}
  2. {{rs?}}
  3. {{vc}}
  4. {{unreliable source}}
  5. {{unreliable source?}}
  6. {{verify credibility?}}