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Template documentation

This LIMSwiki template is part of the Wikimedia project rather than the encyclopedic content.

This template should only appear in the External links section of a LIMSwiki article.


  • {{wikiversity}} - defaults to the page name
  • {{wikiversity|subject}} - uses the word "subject" in this example

The parameter |at= can be used if a resource is at a particular location. The first link will still function as a search link to Wikiversity. To create an alternate link target for the value passed to |at=, use the parameter |at-link=


If using a large, graphical template produces odd layout problems, like the excessive white space shown on the right of this screenshot, then switch to a different sister template.

N Do not place this template in a section all by itself.

N Do not place this template in a section containing columns.

This template should normally be placed at the top of the ==External links== section at the end of an article, if the article has a section for external links. If no such section exists, then please place it at the top of the last section in the article, or consider using {{Wikiversity-inline}}.

On disambiguation pages, this template should be listed above other text, but below any cleanup templates, images, infoboxes or navboxes.