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The Bug Genie
BugGenie logo.jpg
Original author(s) Daniel A. Eikeland and Ray Jensen
Developer(s) The Bug Genie team
Initial release September 23, 2003; 19 years ago (2003-09-23)[1]
Stable release

4.3.1  (March 25, 2019; 4 years ago (2019-03-25))

Preview release none [±]
Written in PHP, JavaScript
Operating system Cross-platform
Available in English, French, German, Norwegian, Spanish, Swedish
Type Bug tracking software
Ticket tracking software
Project management software
License(s) Mozilla Public License v1.1

The Bug Genie is free open-source XAMPP-based bug tracking and project management software. Main functionality includes issue tracking, bug reporting, and project management, and it includes a feedback and publishing system as well.[2]

Product history

The Bug Genie was first called "Bugs - The Bug Genie" or simply BUGS. It was originally developed by Daniel A. Eikeland and Ray Jensen of Zegenie Studios, a small open-source software development company in Norway.[3][4] On September 5, 2003, a SourceForge project was started for the software[5], with its first release arriving as version 1.0 a few weeks later.[1] Zegenie Studios increased the web presence of the software when on November 15 it launched its website for the product.[4] Development steadily continued on the software until shortly after the March 23, 2005 announcement Ruffdogs — a North American-based Linux system strategy, support, and training company — had acquired the software from Zenegie.[3] A release candidate for version 1.7 was released 12 days later[1].

Ruffdogs released a few more updates for BUGS on SourceForge — 1.7.1 on July 4, 2005[6] and 1.7.2 on July 9, 2006[1] — before being acquired by business development company Holonyx, Inc. on March 1, 2007.[7][8][9] The new entity Holonyx Ruffdogs continued the open-source tradition with the software as co-developers of the BUGS software.[10]

Upon joining Holonyx, Ruffdogs spent the next two years putting out a few minor releases (in the forms of 1.8 and 1.9) while ultimately working towards releasing a major update in version 2.0, released to SourceForge on January 2, 2009.[11] The new 2.0 version featured improved user management, search functionality, messaging, and issue reporting.[12] Shortly after, sometime between the 2.0.1 and 2.0.4 releases in early 2009, the name of the software changed simply to "The Bug Genie."[11] Version 3.0 was released on January 31, 2011, featuring integrated project management tools and an integrated wiki.[13]


The primary features of The Bug Genie include[2][14]:

  • issue tracking
  • project management
  • integrated wiki
  • version control integration
  • customizable workflow
  • changeable interface
  • RSS support
  • command line tools
  • JSON API support

Hardware/software requirements

An installation of The Bug Genie requires:

  • a web server, with URL rewriting capabilities
  • PHP version 7.0.0 or later
  • MySQL 5.0 or greater or PostgreSQL 8.2 or greater
  • the PHP gmp extension
  • the PHP gd and imap extensions for statistics and e-mail support

Consult the FAQ for more information.

Videos, screenshots, and other media

  • A few demonstration videos (circa 2009) can be found on YouTube.
  • Screenshots of The Bug Genie can be found on Softpedia.
  • The Bug Genie live demo can be found here.

Entities using The Bug Genie

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