Trustwave Managed Security Services

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Trustwave Managed Security Services
Founder(s) Robert McCullen and Andrew Bokor
Headquarters 70 W. Madison St., Suite 600, Chicago, Illinois, United States
Number of locations 10
Area served Worldwide
Key people Eric Harmon (CEO)
Services Managed detection and response, threat detection, enterprise security,
device management, vulnerability management, SOCaaS, WAFaaS
Revenue Unknown (presumably private)

Trustwave Managed Security Services is a suite of managed security services (MSS) offered by Trustwave Holdings, Inc., a multinational technology services and managed security services provider (MSSP). Trustwave Holdings, Inc. describes its MSS as helping "you strengthen your environment quickly and become more resilient over time."[1] As of August 2023, Trustwave is listed among the top 10 MSSPs around the world by multiple entities.[2][3][4]

Managed security services

Trustwave divides its MSS into six categories[1]:

  • Managed threat detection and response: Provides managed threat consultancy, layered detection and investigation, threat intelligence, managed security control response, and the Trustwave Fusion platform.
  • Proactive threat hunting: Provides proactive threat hunting and remediation, forensic and incident response, and vulnerability analysis.
  • Security technology management: Provides device management, change management, health and availability monitoring, and security-based product updates.
  • Compliance-based security: Provides essential compliance tools, connectivity tools, and advanced network security tools, depending on the package you select.
  • Managed application control: Provides endpoint monitoring and control, real-time threat intelligence, and corporate security policy control.
  • Telco security: Provides IP flow analysis, global threat intelligence, monthly network security reports, DDoS notifications and recommendations, antivirus protection, and real-time incident and traffic profile reports.

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