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Baze Technology AS
Type Aksjeselskap
Industry Informatics, Entertainment
Headquarters Herøya Industripark, Bygg 25, Hydroveien 55, Porsgrunn, Norway
Area served Europe
Divisions Bazefield, BazePort

Baze Technology AS develops and distributes "renewable assets operation system" software (Bazefield AS) as well as Internet Protocol television (IPTV) solutions (BazePort).


In September 2016, the website was updated to indicate a split in the company's direction, with one division devoted to its Bazefield wind farm management software and another for its IPTV solution.[1] Apparently lost in the transition was the BazeLab LIMS, which is no longer listed on either of its websites. The software was presumably phased out.

Technology and products

BazeLab LIMS

BazeLab LIMS was a web-based laboratory information management system (LIMS) solution "for laboratories of any scale."[2]


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