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Bytewize AB
Type Aktiebolag
Industry Laboratory informatics
Headquarters Södra Seglargatan 1, Västerås, Sweden
Area served Europe

Bytewize AB develops and distributes laboratory informatics software solutions.


Bytewize AB was created as a privately-held Swedish company in 1989, focusing primarily on the operation, maintenance, and support of Linux and Unix servers.[1] By late 1999, the company shifted focus and began working on O3 Lims (the "O3" short for "Object Oriented Organizer"), software designed to emphasize the source of the sample as well as its testing and analysis.[2]

Technology and products

O3 Lims and O3 LimsXpress

O3 Lims is a web-based platform-independent laboratory information management system (LIMS) "is a user-friendly and flexible system that helps you keep track of your samples and results in an effective manner."[3]

O3 LimsXpress is a version of O3 LIMS that is scaled down for small laboratories, with a cost based on usage.[4]


Per the company website, pricing is as follows:[4]

Pricing information is only available for O3 LimsXpress. Prices start at 1999 Swedish krona / month (~ €215/month). Includes license for up to three users, 100 samples per month, support, and daily backup. Modules can be added at an additional cost.

Demonstration videos and other media

The following demonstration videos exist for O3 LimsXpress:

Additional information


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