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C-Therm Technologies Ltd.
Type Incorporated (limited)
Industry Laboratory instrumentation
Analytical testing
Headquarters 494 Queen St., Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada
Number of locations 1
Area served Canada
Key people Charles A. Cartmill
Services Thermal conductivity testing, Cannabis testing

C-Therm Technologies Ltd. develops and distributes thermal analysis instrumentation for the laboratory and manufacturing industries. The company also performs thermal conductivity contract testing for various industries.[1] The company also performs Cannabis laboratory testing (presumably thermal conductivity testing for hemp products) for the country's various cannabis programs (though not advertised on the company website).[2]


The company was formally founded in 2007.[3] In July 2018, the company announced it would receive Business Development Program funding from the Government of Canada to expand its laboratory services and hire a laboratory director.[4]


The following laboratory location is known to provide Cannabis testing services :


The company doesn't make its cannabis testing pricing public.

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