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C4 Laboratories, LLC
Type Limited Liability Company
Industry Cannabis industry
Genre Cannabis testing
Headquarters 1930 S Alma School Rd., Suite D206, Mesa, Arizona, U.S.
Number of locations 1
Area served Arizona
Key people Ryan Treacy, Aaron Hicks
Services Cannabis testing and consulting

C4 Laboratories, LLC performs chemical Cannabis laboratory testing and provides consulting services, including Cannabis product development, grow analysis, and environmental testing.[1] The company also contributes to a research and development effort called the C4 Cannabinomics Collaborative, dedicated to characterizing "the entire library of therapeutic compounds found in cannabis."[2]


The company was formally founded in January 2015.[3]


The following laboratory locations are known. Services may vary among locations:


Testing prices are[1]:

  • Potency: $40 per single, $80 per triplicate
  • Potency, edible: $60
  • Residual solvent: $80
  • Pesticide: $60
  • Heavy metals: $160
  • Microbial: $40 aerobic plate count, $50 rapid yeast and mold, $60 deluxe yeast and mold, $50 salmonella, $50 E. coli and coliform, $125 complete panel,
  • Microbial, qPCR: $75 qPCR yeast and mold, $75 qPCR aerobic count, $125 qPCR pathogens, $170 qPCR complete panel
  • Moisture: $10
  • Terpene: $60
  • Gender identification: $25
  • e-Liquids: $60

Rush order pricing available.

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