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Type Unknown
Industry Laboratory informatics
Headquarters Im Letten 17, Duggingen, Switzerland
Area served Worldwide
Owner(s) Stefan Abrecht

ChemBytes develops and distributes laboratory informatics software, with a strong focus on the chemistry sector.


At the end of 2023, the page for Espresso ELN disappeared from the company website. A new page for "Phoenix ELN" took its place, with the following details about the in-development solution[1]:

  • It will be open-source software that will be shared on GitHub;
  • Though sharing "many concepts of its predecessor Espresso ELN, it is a different application, rewritten from scratch and gradually growing in functionality";
  • ChemBytes will at least initially maintain the project, though others are free to contribute to its development; and
  • Migration from Espresso ELN to Phoenix ELN won't be possible due to "the complexity of the Espresso ELN protocol structure," though Phoenix ELN will better support data migrations going forward.

It's not clear what will happen with current clients who acquired Espresso ELN.

On December 8, 2023, ChemBytes announced that an advanced prototype of Phoenix ELN was established, "demonstrating the feasibility of the required core functionalities without paid commercial third party components, along with a new protocol interface."[1]

Prior offerings

Espresso ELN was a chemistry electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) that "strategically focuses on the experiment protocol."[2] Espresso came in both an application and optional server package.[3]

Technology and products

ChemProject and Phoenix ELN

Chemproject is "an easy-to-use, yet powerful rapid chemical synthesis campaign calculation and assessment tool."[4]

Phoenix ELN is an in-development open-source ELN. As of January 2024, the software and code has not been released, though it's expected to be available on GitHub in the first half of 2024. It will be the spiritual successor to its prior Espresso ELN.[1]


Pricing information not made public.

Demonstration videos and other media

Additional information


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