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CliniSys, Inc.
Type Corporation
Industry Laboratory informatics
Headquarters 3300 E Sunrise Dr., Tucson, Arizona, U.S.
Area served Worldwide
Parent Roper Technologies, Inc.[1]

CliniSys, Inc.—doing business as Clinisys—is a U.S.-based subsidiary of parent company Roper Technologies, Inc. and was previously known as Sunquest Information Systems, Inc. The company develops and clinical laboratory information technology and outreach solutions.


On October 26, 2015, Sunquest announced that its parent company Roper Technologies had acquired both CliniSys Group Limited and Atlas Medical.[2][3] The press release noted, however, that "[c]ompletion of the CliniSys acquisition is dependent upon receiving approval from the competition authorities in Germany and the United Kingdom," and that "[c]ollaboration between Sunquest and CliniSys will not begin until formal approval is received."[2] The Competition & Markets Authority ruled in favor of the acquisition on December 11, 2015[4], and CliniSys announced the acquisition was complete on January 26, 2016.[5]

On November 10, 2016, Sunquest revealed that it had acquired UNIConnect LC for an undisclosed sum. Sunquest said that, in conjunction with its April 2016 acquisition of GeneInsight, the integration of UNIConnect and GeneInsight would allow them to create "an end-to-end solution for molecular and genetic testing."[6] Sunquest stated that integration of UNIConnect with GeneInsight was underway in March 2017, expected to be completed in May.[7] By the summer of 2017, the UNIConnect website showed an image indicating the integration was complete, revealing the new name as Sunquest Mitogen.[8]

On January 5, 2022, CliniSys Group Limited announced that it was acquiring HORIZON Lab Systems, LLC and its laboratory information management system (LIMS), adding that "[t]he acquisition extends CliniSys’ laboratory testing, diagnostics, and management capabilities further into the public health sector and related markets, such as environmental, water quality testing, public health, toxicology, and agricultural testing."[9] Nearly two weeks later, CliniSys announced it and HORIZON would combine with Sunquest Information Systems, Inc.[10], which CliniSys parent Roper Technologies acquired in 2016.[11] It was further reported that HORIZON LIMS may combine with Sunquest's LIS, Sunquest Laboratory. The same report suggested that "[t]he expanded firm will be known by the CliniSys name, although it’s possible that Sunquest will keep its branded product line."[12]

On May 31, 2022, the company legally changed its name to CliniSys, Inc.[13], as part of a universal rebranding associated with various other prior acquisitions by CliniSys.

On October 3, 2022, HORIZON Lab Systems, LLC was officially merged into the new entity CliniSys, Inc., which was formerly known as Sunquest Information Systems, Inc.[14]

On October 4, 2022, CliniSys Group Limited announced the completion of "the combination of Sunquest Information Systems, HORIZON Lab Systems, and Apollo LIMS under its singular brand."[15] It appears, however, that as part of the combination process, the Sunquest Mitogen LIMS was abandoned, as it is no listed as a converted product on its information page.[16]

HORIZON LIMS appears to have become the base software for the Clinisys Laboratory Platform as a result of the combinations and mergers.[17] Common Cents Systems' ApolloLIMS also appears to have been transitioned to ClinSys, Inc. as Clinisys ApolloLIMS.[18]

In May 2023, CliniSys announced that it had acquired Promium, LLC, justifying the acquisition as expanding "our knowledge and customers in environmental, water quality, and wastewater laboratories."[19] The company added: "All current Promium customers will continue to be supported as normal. Over time, the Promium Element LIMS solution will be integrated into the Clinisys Laboratory Solutions family as the business accelerates the roadmap for its next-generation SaaS product strategy."[19] As of November 29, 2023, Promium, LLC is still an active legal entity, but like other U.S.-based Clinisys acquisitions, it may eventually be legally merged into CliniSys, Inc.

Prior offerings

Sunquest Mitogen was a laboratory information management system (LIMS) to help you "[s]tart and scale molecular diagnostic and genetic testing processes in your laboratory."[20]

Technology and products

Clinisys ApolloLIMS, Clinisys SQ Lab, and other solutions

Clinisys ApolloLIMS is a laboratory information management system (LIMS) that "helps organizations optimize workflow, ensure compliance, and accelerate growth."[18]

Clinisys SQ Lab is a laboratory information system (LIS) "built to configure and integrate with every kind of lab."[16] A blood banking version of the software is also available, as Clinisys SQ Blood Bank.[16]

A wide variety of other solutions for pathology and other types of labs is also available, including Clinisys Atlas, CoPathPlus, and PowerPath.

Note: All solutions are described as being part of the Clinisys Laboratory Platform (CLP).[16][18] The company states that the CLP is the former HORIZON LIMS.[17] CliniSys adds that all these integrated solutions "provide the sector and domain specific features needed to support essential laboratory processes within nine major industries, ranging in scale from national networks to small labs and fast growing startups."[21]


Pricing information not made public.

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