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Dalton Chemical Laboratories, Inc.
Type Incorporated (limited)
Industry Analytical testing, R&D
Headquarters 349 Wildcat Rd., Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Number of locations 1
Area served Canada
Services Analytical testing, Cannabis testing, R&D
Parent Seikagaku Corporation

Dalton Chemical Laboratories, Inc.—doing business as Dalton Pharma Services—provides analytical laboratory testing, R&D, and manufacturing services for the nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries. The company also performs chemical Cannabis laboratory testing for the country's various cannabis programs.[1]


The company was formally founded in March 2020.[2] However, the company existed before that. The Seikagaku Corporation acquired the company and incorporated it as a subsidiary in February 2020.[3]


The following laboratory locations are known. Services may vary among locations:


Cannabis testing prices are not made public.

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