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An EMR and EHR vendor is an entity (business, company, corporation, etc.) which develops and/or distributes electronic medical record and/or electronic health record software. The EMR and EHR software may be very generalized to handle a great number of clinical situations, or it may be very specific to handle the needs of a specific clinical setting.

EMR vs. EHR on this page

Please consult the following pages and sections of the wiki:

  • electronic medical record - a computerized medical record created in an organization across inpatient and outpatient environments that is used to document, monitor, and manage health care delivery within organizations such as a hospital or physician's office[1]
  • electronic health record - a longitudinal, intentionally portable collection of electronic health information about individual patients and populations[2]
  • EMR vs. EHR - a comparison of U.S. and world views on the two technologies

The nutshell version: the EMR represents the localized patient data repository within a care delivery organization (CDO), while the EHR represents a subset of patient information from multiple CDOs, which is owned by the patient and is intended to be "portable" across multiple CDOs and borders. While the particulars involved in the distinction between the two may be argued, this broad generalization tends to hold true across many entities, and it's the general sense used for this wiki.

That said, the tables below have vendors divided by EMR and EHR software. The preliminary division is based on product name, and then if not clear by name, product functionality. For example a vendor that develops a product named "GenericEMR" will initially be categorized as an EMR vendor. However, the product may function as an EHR, having changed functionality over a period of time. If after further investigation "GenericEMR" is found to behave more like an EHR, the vendor may be switched to an EHR vendor. Of course, a vendor may develop software that fits both types and thusly may appear in both tables.

Active electronic medical record (EMR) vendors

Note: The columns of this table are sortable for your convenience. Simply click the small arrows in the title of each column to use this feature. Additionally, if you wish to sort by column X and then column Y, simply left-click the desired arrow for the first column to sort by, and then hold the Shift key and left-click the desired arrow for the second column to sort by.

Vendor Key EMR offering(s) Headquarters
Additional notes
Open-source software solution OSCAR N/A More information found on the project website.

Active electronic health record (EHR) vendors

Vendor Key EHR offering(s) Headquarters
Additional notes
CliniComp International, Inc. CliniComp EHR United States An EHR with a LIS module
Open-source software solution OpenEMR N/A More information found on the project website.