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LabLite, LLC
Type Limited Liability Company
Industry Laboratory informatics
Headquarters 8 South Main St.
New Milford, Connecticut
, U.S.
Area served Worldwide

LabLite, LLC develops and distributes laboratory informatics software solutions and offers associated consulting services.


The company was founded in 1996.[1]

Prior offerings

LabLite Queue was similar to Stability but "designed to improve communications and accountability between laboratories and production areas," geared towards "manufacturing and R&D facilities that need to receive lab results in a timely and efficient manner."[2] It was removed from the website sometime in 2020 or 2021.

Technology and products


LabLite SQL LIMS is a laboratory information management system (LIMS) "that manages complex workflow and specific data requirements of any kind of laboratory."[3] The software includes lab-centric, administrative, and client-centric features including an integrated electronic laboratory notebook (ELN), quality control charting, invoicing and billing, and custom reporting.

Other products

LabLite Process Control is process management software for treatment plants or manufacturing facilities. The software "provides for automatic flagging of multiple limits and exceptions" and "has the ability to exactly match compliance or summary reports with a click."[4]

LabLite Stability is software "designed to improve communications and accountability between researchers and chamber (sample aging) areas," geared towards "product testing and R&D facilities that need to manage and prepare sample lots for testing."[5]

LabLite Customer Service is scalable, customizable customer service software that can be integrated with LabLite SQL LIMS. It allows users to "to manage complaints electronically through the entire complaint lifecycle."[6]

LabLite CMT (Calibration, Maintenance & Training) Scheduling & Tracking is an information management system designed to "schedule and track the calibration and maintenance required on every piece of equipment or component in your plant, lab, or company."[7] The software is usable for calibration, maintenance, and training activities in numerous industries, including petrochemical, mining, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, and wastewater management.


Product: LabLite SQL LIMS
Sample, inventory, and data management
Sample login and management?Y[3]
Sample tracking?Y[3]
Sample and/or result batching?Y[3]
Task and event scheduling?Y[3]
Option for manual result entry?Y[1]
Multiple data viewing methods?Y[1]
Data and trend analysis?Y[3]
Data and equipment sharing?
Customizable fields and/or interface?Y[3]
Query capability?Y[3]
Import data?
Internal file or data linking?
External file or data linking?
ELN support or integration?Y[3]
Export data to MS Excel?Y[3]
Raw data management?
Data warehouse?
Deadline control?Y[3]
Production control?
Project and/or task management?Y[3]
Inventory management?
Document creation and/or management?Y[3]
Case management?
Workflow management?Y[3]
Specification management?
Customer and supplier management?Y[3]
Billing management?Y[3]
Quality, security, and compliance
Regulatory compliance?
QA / QC functions?Y[3]
Performance evaluation?Y[1]
Audit trail?
Chain of custody?Y[3]
Configurable roles and security?Y[1]
Data normalization?
Data validation?Y[3]
Data encryption?
Version control?
Automatic data backup?
Environmental monitoring?
Reporting, barcoding, and printing
Custom reporting?Y[3]
Report printing?Y[3]
Label support?Y[3]
Barcode support?Y[1]
Export to PDF?
Export to MS Word?
Export to HTML and/or XML?Y[3]
Fax integration?Y[3]
Email integration?Y[3]
Base functionality
Administrator management?Y[3]
Instrument interfacing and management?Y[1]
Mobile device integration?
Alarms and/or alerts?Y[1]
Work-related time tracking?
Voice recognition system?
External monitoring?
Web client or portal?
Online or integrated help?Y[3]
Software as a service delivery model?
Usage-based cost?
Industries served
cannabis, clinical research, environmental, food and beverage, general, geology and mining, health care, manufacturing and R&D, molecular diagnostics, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, power and utility


Pricing information was provided directly by the vendor. As prices may change at any time, always contact the vendor directly to verify a price list or quote.

LabLite Product Pricing
Product name Details Price
LabLite SQL LIMS (single site license) A full featured LIMS that runs small to large scale labs or testing operations. It includes: security, scheduling, sample login, results tracking & flagging, QC charting, graphing, reporting, billing and more. $18,000
LabLite Process Control (single site license) Process Control and Plant Operations solution for routine data entry demands found in water and wastewater treatment plants, industrial and product testing facilities. User defined views, track multiple limits & instant trend graphs. Ideal solution if you work in shifts, have multiple plants, or process lines. $9,000
LabLite Stability (single site license) An ideal fit for companies managing stability studies, R&D, product or rapid age testing. Manage and prepare sample lots for testing. Maintain accountability by study, product, researcher, or lot number. Track sample pulls by chamber. $12,000
LabLite CMT Scheduling & Tracking (single site license) LabLite CMT (Calibration, Maintenance & Training) Scheduling & Tracking allows you to schedule and track the calibration and maintenance required on every piece of equipment or component in your facility. Track emergency repairs, down time, and the cost of these events. Record service and warranty information, and track equipment location and responsible party. LabLite CMT also allows you to schedule and track training. $5,000
LabLite CS LabLite CS (Customer Service) is ideal for any organization that receives and processes customer complaints. Can be used stand alone, or can trigger sample testing within LabLite LIMS. $5,000
LabLite Inventory The ideal product for tracking lab consumables. Maintains quantities and links to supplier websites to ease ordering. $3,000
LabLite Field Data Collections (Handheld or Tablet) Ideal for field sampling. A great program for those with multiple sites and remote data collection requirements. Can integrate with Lablite LIMS scheduling. $2,500
LabLite Barcode Tracking Program Scan and track samples, raw materials, or parts as they move from point to point within your organization. Ideal for labs tracking sample movement and location, or production environments tracking items within the manufacturing facility from receiving to their final storage location. $2,500
LabLite Web Reporting Provide your clients and internal departments browser based access to their reports. $2,500
LabLite Auto Emailing Automatically email or send a text message to your customers after reports are internally reviewed and approved. $2,500
LabLite Services Pricing
Service name Details Price
LabLite Programming, Custom Design, & Development Services (Cost per Day) Code changes to Lablite programs user interfaces (front end) to match unique needs and/or custom product development based on customer requirements. $1,200
LabLite Implementation Costs (Cost per Day) This category covers the full range of items required to support a system implementation. Items include: System Setup, Installation, Data Migration, Report Writing, Instrument Interface, SCADA Integration and Interfaces to other software, like accounting programs. $800
LabLite Annual Software Maintenance & Support The first year of technical support is offered at no charge with any LabLite software product implementation. Year two and beyond is billed at 10% of the cumulative total job costs. Includes: unlimited Toll Free calls, support center staffed Mon-Fri, 8-6 EST. Additional hours available by arrangement. Most calls answered immediately or returned same business day. 1st year no charge. Year 2 and beyond billed at 10% of cumulative total job costs.
LabLite Travel Related Costs Most implementations can all be done remotely; however, if required or requested, we will come on-site. Airfare, Hotel, Rental Car, Gas, Tolls, Parking, Meals etc are billed at cost. Billed at cost.

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