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Perennia Food and Agriculture, Inc.
Type Incorporated (inc.)
Industry Business development
Headquarters 32 Main Street, Kentville, Nova Scotia, Canada
Number of locations 3
Area served Canada
Services Business development, analytical testing, Cannabis testing
Subsidiaries Bloom Labs

Perennia Food and Agriculture, Inc. is a provincial development agency and registered corporation owned by the Province of Nova Scotia. The company has a "mission to help farmers, fishermen and food processors be more prosperous and profitable."[1] Aside from development programs and consultation services, Perennia also hosts several laboratories that perform analytical testing, including chemical Cannabis laboratory testing for the country's various cannabis programs.[2] That testing appears to be done through a wholly owned subsidiary called Bloom Labs.[3]


The company was formally founded in the spring of 2012 as a merger of AgraPoint, the Atlantic Bioventure Centre, and AgriTECH Park.[4]


The following laboratory locations are known. Services may vary among locations:

  • Bloom Labs - Bible Hill, Nova Scotia (Cannabis testing)
  • Perennia - Bible Hill, Nova Scotia (Food, beverage, and plant testing)


The company doesn't make its cannabis testing pricing public.

Additional information


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