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Semaphore Solutions, Inc.
Type Corporation
Industry Software development
Headquarters 200-844 Courtney St., Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Number of locations 1
Area served Worldwide
Key people Peter Smith, Mark Swinkels

Semaphore Solutions, Inc. develops custom laboratory informatics software solutions (with a specialization in NGS), provides consulting support for laboratories, and provides support for Illumina's BaseSpace Clarity laboratory information management system (LIMS). The company also develops and distributes its Labbit software solution for molecular diagnostics labs.


The company was formally founded in British Columbia, Canada in December 2009.[1]

In the spring of 2022, hinted at the release of a new LIMS, Labbit, to be demoed at Bio-IT World 2022.[2] The software became publicly available later in the fall.

Technology and products

Custom development and support

Semaphore Solutions, Inc. operates as a blend of custom software developer, software support group, and consultancy. The business is able to augment a client's existing software development team, build a laboratory software development team for a client, or provide their own software development expertise to clients.[3] Semaphore also provides post-implementation technical support for Illumina's BaseSpace Clarity LIMS, as well as development of Clarity custom protocols, instrument integrations, system integrations, and integrated add-ons.[4]


Labbit is a molecular diagnostics laboratory information management system (LIMS) built on a non-relational graph database as they "are less likely to need major database restructuring due to the inherent flexibility of their structures and the software applications that use them."[5] The company adds that "when you use Labbit, your data is stored FAIRly and with full provenance, resulting in richer data sets and more reliable, more accurate insights over time."[6] However, details about features are limited.


Public pricing information isn't available.

Demonstration videos and other media

Demonstration videos can be found on the company's YouTube channel.

Additional information


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