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Sycomore Technologies SAS
Former type Société par actions simplifiée
Industry Laboratory informatics
Fate Liquidated
Defunct 28 July 2022[1]
Headquarters Miniparc Bât 1, 478 rue de la Découverte, Labège, France
Number of locations 1
Area served Europe
Key people Ronan Le Loarer

Sycomore Technologies SAS developed and distributed the electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) software solution LeadAnalytics.


Sycomore Technologies was founded in June 2009[2] by Ronan Le Loarer and Jean Charles Garcia.[3]

As of December 2023, the company website is dead. Additionally, a court-ordered liquidation judgement from July 28, 2022 suggests that the company is likely closed.[1]

Technology and products

LeadAnalytics and LeadSample

LeadAnalytics was an electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) designed to "[a]nalyze and manage the R&D scientific data, in order to increase the engineering of large molecule performance."[4]

LeadSample was a sample management application designed to help you in "[f]inding your samples, knowing the contents, knowing who moved and where, doing inventories, printing shipping files," etc.[5]


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