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TailorDev SAS
Type Société par actions simplifiée
Industry Laboratory consulting
Headquarters Pépinière d'entreprises Pascalis, 10 Allée Evariste Galois, Clermont-Ferrand, France
Number of locations 1
Area served Europe
Key people Julien Maupetit
Parent Comsource SARL[1]

TailorDev SAS develops and distributes the electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) software solution


TailorDev was officially founded in October 2015[2]by Julien Mapetit as a subsidiary of Comsource SARL, "dedicated exclusively to finding solutions and developing applications for science."[3] However, work had previously been ongoing before the company was official, with a July 7 announcement that the preregistration phase for its web-based electronic laboratory notebook platform would open up in September.[4]

The company struggled to sell its concept to researchers. By March 2016, the company was "struggling with the commercial part of the company," and by June 2016, TailorDev decided to go the consulting route rather than the product development route, essentially putting an end to the concept.[5]

Technology and products was going to be a cloud-based electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) designed to be a "safe collaborative platform for busy researchers."[6]


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