Verizon Managed Security Services

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Verizon Managed Security Services
Founder(s) Charles R. Lee and Ivan Seidenberg
Headquarters 1095 Avenue of the Americas, New York, New York, U.S.
Number of locations 150+
Area served Worldwide
Key people Hans Vestberg (CEO)
Services MSS-Premises and MSS-Analytics
Revenue $32.6 billion (Business, Q3, 2023)[1]
Website h

Verizon Managed Security Services is a suite of managed security services (MSS) offered by Verizon Communications, Inc., a multinational telecommunications company. Verizon describes its MSS—referred to as "Managed Security Information and Event Management" (SIEM)—that "gathers threat intelligence from multiple sources, analyzes possible impacts, establishes threat use cases and makes these findings available to you for follow-up."[2] As of August 2023, Verizon is listed among the top 30 MSS providers around the world by several entities.[3][4]

Managed security services

Verizon states the following resources for its SIEM managed SIEM service[2]:

  • Verizon Managed SIEM Content Library: "a collection of predefined and proven SIEM content"
  • Security Services Advisor: provides training, advisories, sevice help, updates and releases, and recommendations
  • Senior SIEM Engineer: "work with your organization to review your platform configuration and running content set, and provide recommendations on use case creation as well as dashboards, tuning and log source tuning"
  • Verizon Security Operation Centers: "where our security analysts deliver monitoring and management services on a 24x7 in-region basis"
  • Verizon Threat Research Advisory Center : "helps to aggregate sources of threat data, using our expansive IP backbone and extensive forensic caseload. We then normalize this data, analyze it and produce actionable intelligence."

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