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BioAware SA/NV
Type Société anonyme/Naamloze vennootschap
Industry Laboratory informatics
Headquarters Rue du Henrifontaine 20, Hannut, Belgium
Number of locations 1
Area served Europe

BioAware SA/NV develops and distributes enterprise life science and bioinformatics solutions.


Technology and products

BioloMICSNet and BioloMICSWeb

BioloMICSNet is a software solution for biological data management and analysis that operates simalarly to Microsoft Excel but with added functionality. The software allows users to[1]:

  • "create their own views on given tables"
  • display and edit data "in spreadsheets and hierarchical trees"
  • maintain history "of all the changes ever made in the database"
  • "reverse any changes or redo them in one click"
  • perform data queries
  • import data
  • operate the software given the security level assigned to them

It allows for reporting, data analysis, molecular sequence management, scripting of tasks, and more.

BioloMICSWeb allows you to push specified data from your BioloMICSNet database to the web for online viewing and interaction.[2]


BioloMICSNet for students is €1,299 per user, per year, hosted as SaaS and with basic support. The professional version is €1,999 per user, per year, hosted as SaaS and with full support.[3]

The full package of BioloMICSNet and BioloMICSWeb is €3,999 per user, per year, hosted as SaaS and with full support. An unlimited version of this package, able to be hosted on-premises, is available, but you must contact the vendor for pricing.[3]

Demonstration videos and other media

Additional information


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