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LIMSjournal - Summer 2021
Volume 7, Issue 2
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LIMSjournal - Summer 2021: Volume 7, Issue 2

This collection of 13 open-access journal articles loaded to LIMSwiki in April–June 2021 is compiled as a convenient, easy-to-access compilation. It is organized alphabetically by topic and then by author, with the author and publication year appearing at the end for your convenience.

1. Cannabis analyses
Metabolomic analysis of cannabinoid and essential oil profiles in different hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) phenotypes (Eržen et al. 2021)
Accelerated solvent extraction of terpenes in cannabis coupled with various injection techniques for GC-MS analysis (Myers et al. 2021)
2. Clinical and bioinformatics
Diagnostic informatics: The role of digital health in diagnostic stewardship and the achievement of excellence, safety, and value (Georgiou et al. 2021)
Development and implementation of an LIS-based validation system for autoverification toward zero defects in the automated reporting of laboratory test results (Jin et al. 2021)
Popularity and performance of bioinformatics software: The case of gene set analysis (Xie et al. 2021)
3. Data management and security
Blockchain-based healthcare workflow for IoT-connected laboratories in federated hospital clouds (Celesti et al. 2020)
Privacy-preserving healthcare informatics: A review (Chong 2021)
Secure data outsourcing in presence of the inference problem: Issues and directions (Jebali et al. 2020)
Security and privacy in cloud-based eHealth systems (Sivan and Zukarnain 2021)
Emerging and established trends to support secure health information exchange (Spanakis et al. 2021)
4. Laboratory and scientific informatics
Using interactive digital notebooks for bioscience and informatics education (Davies et al. 2020)
The Application of Informatics to Scientific Work: Laboratory Informatics for Newbies (Liscouski 2021)
Informatics-driven quality improvement in the modern histology lab (Seifert et al. 2020)