Cegeka NV

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Cegeka NV
Type Naamloze vennootschap
Industry Health informatics
Laboratory informatics
Headquarters Universiteitslaan 9
, Belgium
Number of locations 9
Area served Europe
Key people André Knaepen
Divisions Cegeka Healthcare
Website Cegeka.be

Cegeka NV is an information and communication technology (ICT) supplier which develops and supports ready-made and custom applications for the financial services, healthcare, government, logistics, manufacturing, and retail sectors.[1]


In 2005, Cegeka acquired Cortex SA[2], developer of the clinical laboratory application LAB/400. The software was later redeveloped as CorLabs and now falls under Cegeka Healthcare, a division of Cegeka NV.

The company took down its CorLabs website sometime in mid- to late 2018. As such, it appears the company quiely discontinued its CorLabs LIMS.

Former technology and products


CorLabs was a clinical laboratory information management system (LIMS) developed by Cegeka Health Care. It was a flagship solution for hospital- and large private laboratories. The software could be fully adapted to specific requirements using parameterization. All data would come from a single shared relational database offering maximal data availability and integrity."[3] The software could be installed locally or hosted in the cloud via the software as a service (SaaS) distribution model.[4]


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