Herjavec Group Managed Security Services

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Herjavec Group Managed Security Services
Founder(s) Robert Herjavec
Headquarters 180 Duncan Mill Rd., 7th Floor, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Number of locations 5
Area served Worldwide
Key people Robert Herjavec (CEO)
Services Security monitoring and management, technology support, device management,
threat research, incident response, vulnerability scanning, etc.
Revenue Unknown (private)
Website herjavecgroup.com

Herjavec Group Managed Security Services is a suite of managed security services (MSS) offered by Herjavec Group, a multinational cybersecurity and managed security services provider (MSSP). Herjavec Group describes its MSS as being able to defend "your organization from increasingly sophisticated, targeted cybercrime threats" and adding value to clients "by providing context and enriching the data you receive, helping to optimize your organization’s IT security monitoring, incident detection, and incident response times."[1] Herjavec Groups MSS goals have since expanded with its acquisition by private equity firm Apax Partners in February 2021, with Apax making the acquisition "to drive the business forward, investing in continued product innovation and growth acceleration while maintaining the company’s number one priority: its customer centricity."[2]

As of May 2021, Herjavec Group is listed among the top 10 MSSPs around the world by multiple entities, including a number one nod by Cyber Defense Magazine.[3][4]

Managed security services

Herjavec Group lists multiple services on its MSS page[1]:

Basic services:

  • Threat management: Provides detection, monitoring, investigation, and management of security threats.
  • System health monitoring: Provides monitoring and alerts of overall system health of managed technologies.
  • Technology support: Provides support mechanisms for software and hardware upgrades and configurations, firewall rule changes, and fixes.
  • Device management: Provides technical support for moves, adds, and changes to devices, as well as their troubleshooting and optimization.
  • Threat research: Provides advisories and communications from its own threat research.
  • Reporting: Provides multiple report types and dashboards.

Advanced services:

  • Managed detection and response: Provides advanced detection and response mechanisms, e.g., hunting for specific threats across devices.
  • Endpoint management: Provides advanced endpoint analyses and management, including ATD and NAC.
  • Secure gateway management: Provides advanced services to manage the security of FW, IPS, email, and websites.
  • Identity management: Provides identity platform monitoring, troubleshooting, and other configuration support.
  • Vulnerability management: Provides advanced risk scoring solution reporting and other vulnerability analysis services.
  • Incident response: Provides containment and remediation services for cybersecurity incidents, as well as red team exercises.
  • Phishing management: Provides phishing and other malware detection, containment, and removal.
  • Threat modeling: Provides an analysis of current detection and protection abilities, with recommendations to fill gaps in security.

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