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   | United States
   | United States
   | Company still active, but stopped offering Sciency in 2018. Doesn't seem<br />to have a stand-alone ELN offering anymore.
   | Company still active, but stopped offering Sciency in 2018. Doesn't seem<br />to have a stand-alone ELN offering anymore.
  | [[Shanghai Holo Sci-infor Co., Ltd.]]
  | Electronic Lab Notebook
  | China
  | HoloInfo website went dark in Fall 2019. Status of parent company unknown.

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An inactive vendor is an entity (business, company, corporation, etc.) which either:

  1. closed, renamed, was acquired, or otherwise disappeared (for longer than six months) from the internet and no longer operates as a developer and/or distributor of laboratory, scientific, or clinical informatics software or software packages; or
  2. is still active but no longer develops and/or distributes laboratory, scientific, or clinical informatics software or software packages.

Note: The columns on all the following tables are sortable for your convenience. Simply click the small arrows in the title of each column to use this feature. Additionally, if you wish to sort by column X and then column Y, simply left-click the desired arrow for the first column to sort by, and then hold the Shift key and left-click the desired arrow for the second column to sort by.

Inactive CDS vendors

Vendor Key CDS offering(s) Headquarters
Additional notes
Beijing Teleh Electronic Tech Co., Ltd. Bio-2000, TL LAB2000 China Company website went dark in 2018, and it appears the business closed.
ChemSW, Inc. Mass Spec Tools United States Acquired by Accelrys, Inc. on September 3, 2013[1]; absorbed into Dassault Systèmes SA on April 29, 2014.[2]
Dionex Corporation Chromeleon N/A Acquired by Thermo Scientific in May 2011.[3] Fully absorbed into company ~ 2017.
Labtronics Inc. LimsLink CDS N/A Bought by PerkinElmer Inc. in May 2011.[4]
Promium, LLC Mint Miner United States Company still active, but discontinued its Mint Miner software sometime in 2018.
Varian, Inc. Galaxie N/A Agilent Technologies, Inc. acquired Varian in May 2010,
integrating Varian's holdings fully.[5]

Inactive ELN vendors

Vendor Key ELN offering(s) Headquarters
Additional notes
Accelrys, Inc. Accelrys ELN, Contur ELN/iLabber N/A Accelrys was acquired by Dassault Systèmes SA on April 29, 2014.[2]
ArtusLabs, Inc. Ensemble ELN N/A Bought by PerkinElmer Inc.[6]
Asseco Danmark A/S shareSignELN Denmark Removed ELN from website in 2019 and is presumably no longer offered.
Still active but makes business management software.
Asymptotic Automation Solutions LLP ELM N/A Website went dark in 2019 and business is presumably closed.[7]
CambridgeSoft Corporation E-Notebook N/A Bought by PerkinElmer Inc. in March 2011.[8]
Cognium Systems SA iPad ELN N/A Dissolved in the summer of 2014.
Contur Software AB Contur ELN/iLabber N/A Changed name of ELN from ConturELN to iLabber July 19, 2011.[9]
Was acquired by Accelrys, Inc. in 2011. [10]
DIMA Engineering Pvt. Ltd. eLabNotes India Still active but seemingly discontinued ELN in 2019.
Easylab Ltd. Easylab N/A Website went dark in late 2018 or early 2019, presumed closed.
EZQuant Ltd. EZQuant-ELN N/A Website went dark June 2017.
irisnote, Inc. irisnote United States Closed before it fully went into operation. See Rescentris, Inc.
Laboratory Data Solutions Ltd. Labnotes N/A The company officially dissolved on September 10, 2013.[11]
Labtronics Inc. Nexxis ELN N/A Bought by PerkinElmer Inc. in May 2011.[12]
Neudesic, LLC Neudesic ELN United States While the company is still active, it seems Neudesic
no longer markets its ELN.
Open source software solution Electronic Laboratory Notebook N/A The project terminated in the winter of 2007.[13]
Open source software solution LabJ-ng N/A No project release since 2007: SourceForge.net
Open source software solution tags4lab N/A No releases; last update 2009: SourceForge.net
Open source software solution The Monster Journal N/A No update to project since 2009: SourceForge.net
Rescentris, Inc. CERF United States Was absorbed into irisnote, Inc. then Lab-Ally LLC, which currently develops CERF
Rescop BV RC-ELN The Netherlands Company removed ELN and LIMS offering from website in 2018. Still active.
RURO Inc. Sciency United States Company still active, but stopped offering Sciency in 2018. Doesn't seem
to have a stand-alone ELN offering anymore.
Shanghai Holo Sci-infor Co., Ltd. Electronic Lab Notebook China HoloInfo website went dark in Fall 2019. Status of parent company unknown.
SparkLix Bio IT Corp. SparkLix N/A The service was discontinued in the summer of 2014.
SPLhost, Inc. Datacloud United States Still active, but stopped marketing Datacloud ELN in May 2017
STARLIMS Corporation STARLIMS Electronic Notebook N/A Changed name to Abbott Informatics Corporation on May 30, 2014.[14]
Symyx Technologies Inc. Symyx ELN N/A Merged with Accelrys, Inc. in 2010.[15]
Synbiota Inc. Synbiota Canada Company website removed all mention of ELN and products in March 2017[16],
though may still be active in some capacity.
Sysment Kft. Sysment Notebook Hungary Still active but removed Notebook from website in 2017.
TailorDev SAS artich.io France Still active, but the artich.io ELN project never completed.
VelQuest Corporation SmartLab gmpELN N/A Was bought by and absorbed into Accelrys, Inc. in January 2012,
with SmartLab becoming "Accelrys Lab Execution System",
a laboratory execution system.[17][18]

Inactive LIMS vendors

Vendor Key LIMS offering(s) Headquarters
Additional notes
3rd Millennium, Inc. ARDAS United States Still active but no longer develops/distributes ARDAS.
4S Information Systems Ltd. DAWN LIMS United States While 4S still actively develops clinical software,
it no longer develops/distributes DAWN LIMS.
Accelrys, Inc. Accelrys LIMS N/A Accelrys was acquired by Dassault Systèmes SA on April 29, 2014.[2]
Afrosoft International South Africa (Pty) Limited VeriLIMS N/A Closed sometime around 2011 or before. Connection to Computerised
Laboratory Applications and VeriLIMS (Pty) Ltd. not clear.
Agencourt Bioscience Corp. Galaxy LIMS N/A Bought by Beckman Coulter, Inc. in 2005.[19]
ALTIK SAS SOLUTION Laboratoire N/A Bought by Limseo SARL in September 2013.[20][21]
Amersham Biosciences Corp. Scierra LWS N/A Bought by General Electric.[22]
APAC GmbH APA-LIMS Germany Company is still active but seems to no longer offer APA-LIMS.
Applied Biosystems, Inc. SQL*LIMS N/A Merged with Invitrogen Corporation in November 2008
to form Life Technologies Corporation.[23][24]
LABVANTAGE Solutions, Inc. purchased
SQL*LIMS from Life Technologies in 2009.[25]
arivis AG scarabLIMS N/A/ Company is still active but sold scarabPLUS/LIMS to Sempai Consulting.
Baze Technology AS BazeLab LIMS Norway Company is still active but phased outs its BazeLab LIMS in September 2016.[26]
Beijing Teleh Electronic Tech Co., Ltd. Bio-2000, TL LAB2000 China Company website went dark in 2018, and it appears the business closed.
BioTeam Inc. MiniLIMS N/A Company is still active but no longer offers MiniLIMS.[27]
bizzApps Quality Manager N/A On August 16, 2013, OpenText Corporation acquired Cordys Holdings BV,
and by extension bizzApps BV.[28]
Bode Technology Group, Inc. BodeLIMS N/A Acquired by LabCorp, merged into Bode Cellmark Forensics, Inc. in early 2015.[29]
Bridge-Soft, LLC QMS, VDP N/A Per owner, LIMS no longer offered and business will be closed by end of 2014.
CambridgeSoft Corporation Workflow LIMS N/A Bought by PerkinElmer Inc. in March 2011.[30]
CannaSys, Inc. CannaLIMS N/A Website went dark in late-May, company email server down. Closed?
CARDIAC AS IMATIS LIMS N/A Split into two entities: Baze Technology AS
and IMATIS AS[31][32]
ChemWare, Inc. HORIZON Central N/A Acquired by Dohmen Co.[33], HORIZON transferred to Red Arrow Labs, LLC.[34]
ChikPea, Inc. ChikPea LIMS United States Company still active, but discontinued LIMS sometime after February 2015.[35]
Chromasoft GmbH Lab21 LIMS Germany Website went dark in Summer 2007, status unknown.
Cimarron Software, Inc. SDK N/A Created custom LIMS until was absorbed into Sampleminded, Inc.[36][37]
Clondiag Chip Technologies GmbH PARTISAN arrayLIMS N/A Rebranded to Alere Technologies GmbH
in 2010[38], apparently ending PARTISAN.
Computer Sciences Corporation CSC LIMS N/A Merged w/ Hewlett Packard Enterprise to form DXC Technology.[39]
Computerised Laboratory Applications (Pty) Ltd. VeriLIMS N/A Closed sometime around early or mid-2011. Connection to Afrosoft International
South Africa and VeriLIMS (Pty) Ltd. not clear, though company previously owned
rights to VeriLIMS.[40]
Creon Lab Control AG Q-DIS/QM N/A Bought by Waters Corporation.[41] LIMS phased out?
CSS LIMS GmbH iLIMS N/A Merged to form INTEGRIS LIMS GmbH in March 2017.[42]
Dataplex Technologies, Inc. Key Solutions N/A Website went down in 2013 and presumed inactive.
Datasign AG KinLIMS N/A Bought by Unilog S.A. in 2001.[43]
Desert Oasis Software Company, LLC ALIS N/A Website went dark after March 2016[44], though was "Inactive" since November 2010
according to Washington Corporations Division.[45]
e-BiOnary Technologies Ltd. e-BiOData N/A Website went dark sometime in 2017; status presumed closed.
EKM Corporation LABTrack N/A Former reseller of LABTrack, LLC's LABTrack software.
EPractice Corporation EPracticeLAB N/A Website went dark in 2017. Both EPractice and associated company Elsys, Inc.
listed in poor standing with Maryland.[46][47] Presumed closed.
Finna Technologies, Inc. LabAnalyst.NET N/A Previously offered XML-based LIMS.[48] Website went dark in 2011.
First Align FirstAlign LIMS N/A Offered its LIMS until roughly late 2008.[49]
GraphLogic, Inc. Sequencing LIMS, Service Center LIMS N/A The company dissolved November 21, 2011.[50]
Green Mountain Logic, Inc. LabPas N/A Bought by Phase Forward Incorporated in 2007. LabPas
also carried on to Phase Forward.[51]
GyroDimensions, Inc. BioInfoStream United States In late 2018 "officially" changed business model to education.
Hollison Technologies CIMS United States Company still active but no longer appears to offer CIMS.
Honeywell Process Solutions Honeywell LIMS United States Honeywell is still an active vendor; however, they
discontinued their LIMS in 2014.
i-punkt Software GmbH LABORA N/A Bought by MAQSIMA GmbH in 2001.[52]
IBS AG CAQ=QSYS LIMS N/A Takeover by Siemens AG started in 2012 and finalized in 2014.[53][54] The LIMS product
doesn't seem to have survived the transition to Siemens.
iLab Solutions, LLC iLab Core Facility Management,
iLab Lab Materials Management
N/A Acquired by Agilent Technologies, Inc. in August 2016.[55]
IMR Technologies LLC MATware N/A Originally a division of IMR Test Labs,
both IMR Tech and MATware appear defunct.[citation needed]
In Siliflo, Inc. In Siliflo LIMS N/A Website went offline in early 2016[56], and annual filings for 2017 overdue.[57] Presumed closed.
Inflection Point Solutions, LLC custom United States Removed PIMS from website in '17. Merged with Westin Technology solutions in May 2018.[58]
INAS Datentechnik GmbH QBase 5.0 N/A Developed and sold it's LIMS until about 2007.[59]
Ingensis Limited TLIMS N/A Sold its clinical trials LIMS until late 2005.[60]
INLOG SA ANALYS, EDGELab N/A On 31 August 2014, INLOG ceased functioning as "a Haemonetics Company"
and was fully absorbed into Haemonetics Corporation.[61]
InnaPhase Corporation Galileo, Newton,
Thompson, Watson
N/A Acquired by Thermo Scientific in 2004, with Thermo
continuing development on some products.[62][63]
Instem Computer Systems Ltd. DATATOX-F1 N/A Sold and changed name to Instem, Ltd. in 2000.
Name changed again to Capula, Ltd. in 2002.[64][65]
LIMS assumably discontinued.
Integromics SL OmicsOffice N/A Former product was called ArrayHub.
Acquired by PerkinElmer Inc. in July 2014, defunct in early 2017.[66][67]
Kenny Agrisoft Ltd. DairyLIMS Ireland Company still active but discontinued its DairyLIMS laboratory information management system
(LIMS) sometime in 2015.[68]
Lab7 Systems, Inc. Lab7 ESP N/A Name change to L7 Informatics, Inc. and L7 ESP[69]
LabHQ Ltd. LabHQ N/A LabHQ LIMS was transferred to SkySource Ltd, and LabHQ Ltd.
officially dissolved on March 5, 2013.[70]
LabIT Solutions AB LabMaster N/A Bought by Software Point Oy in 2010.[71]
LabMaster now a Software Point product.
LabPlus Technologies, Inc. LabPlus, LimsLink N/A Officially dissolved November 27, 2013.[72]
LabSys Ltd. LabSys LIMS N/A LabSys Ltd. officially dissolved on May 22, 2010.[73]
LabTech, Inc. Kuiper-LIMS United States Company still active but Kuiper-LIMS was discontinued sometime in 2015.[74]
Latent Logics Infosoft Pvt. Ltd. Lab Pro 2004 India Website down since March 2016. India shows company inactive, effective date unknown.[75]
LeanRP Q-Cent N/A Domain name expired on 8/29/2014. Company and product never reappeared on web.
Presumed defunct.
Lemm Tech Enterprises, Inc. Labvironment United States The company is operational but it no longer offers Labvironment.
LIMSCentral, LLC LIMSCentral N/A Website went dark in late 2015 or early 2016. Presumably out-of-business.
Management Systems Designers, Inc. FLIMS N/A Bought by Lockheed Martin in 2007.[76]
MBIS, Inc. b.a.r.d. LIMS Algeria Formerly a product of Forensic Technology, Inc.
Mechatronics BV L@SSIST Netherlands Company still active but no longer offering LIMS. (See record.)
MedToxSoft, LLC MedTox LIMS N/A Became WESeeIT, LLC in July 2011.[77]
That company page was never updated and eventually shut down.[78]
Micronic Europe BV Track-IT N/A Company still active, but discontinued LIMS sometime after March 2016.[79]
Mikon AS Mikon LIMS N/A Bought by Prevas AB in 2007.[80]
Mincom Pty. Ltd. Mincom CCLAS N/A Acquired by ABB Group on May 9, 2011[81][82] and fully integrated
into subsidiary Ventyx, Inc. on February 6, 2012.[83]
Moxie Informatics, LLC Moxie N/A Company dissolved January 5, 2018.[84]
Nuvotec, Inc. OmniLIMS N/A Merged with Pacific EcoSolutions, Inc. to form Nuvotec USA,
Inc.[85] Later became Columbia Energy & Environmental Services, Inc.[86]
Object Solutions Software AG OS-LIMS N/A Renamed to SpecPage AG July 2015.[87][88]
Open-source software solution FreeLIMS N/A See the entry on LIMS at work GmbH for more info.
Orga Lab GmbH CSI-LIMS Germany The company is operational but it no longer offers CSI-LIMS.
PANalytical BV SPARCS N/A Became Malvern Panalytical BV in January 2017.[89]
Phase Forward Incorporated LabPas LIMS, Waban LIMS N/A Acquired by Oracle Corporation in August 2010.[90]
See article for full history.
ProBioData GmbH BioProcessDB N/A Company website went dark sometime in 2018. Presumed closed.
Qualtrace International Ltd. QualTrace LIMS N/A Was marketed until about 2005.[91]
QBCon (Pty) Ltd. Lab-i N/A The company website went dark sometime in mid- to late 2016.[92]
QM-Tek (Pty) Ltd. VeriLIMS South Africa Discontinued VeriLIMS in 2018. Still active.
raytest Isotopenmessgeraete GmbH Raphaela RS N/A Was merged into Elysia to form Elysia-raytest GmbH in September 2017.[93]
Rescop BV RC-LIMS The Netherlands Company removed ELN and LIMS offering from website in 2018. Still active.
RDS Nordest Srl CQT2000 LIMS N/A Company website went dark in late March 2017.
Company may have went into bankruptcy.[94]
ReTiSoft Inc. Datapilot Canada Company still active, but Datapilot seems to have been phased out as of 2013.
ReTiSoft Inc. Datapilot Canada Company still active, but Datapilot seems to have been phased out as of 2013.
RURO Inc. LIMS 24-7 United State Company still active but removed its LIMS 24-7 software from its website in 2018 or 2019.
Sarla Technologies Pvt. Ltd. PLIMS India While still active, the company phased out PLIMS in late 2014.
Sciformatix Corporation SciLIMS United States Website went dead in 2015, and company owner changed jobs.[95][96] Presumed dissolved.
Siri Technologies Pvt. Ltd. SIRI LIMS N/A Website shut down in 2012.[97] Presumed closed.
SkySource Ltd. LabHQ United Kingdom Changed name to Broughton Software Ltd.
STARLIMS Corporation STARLIMS N/A Changed name to Abbott Informatics Corporation on May 30, 2014.[14]
Stone Bond Technologies, LP EE-LIMS, MicroLIMS N/A Company still active, but presumably shut down life sciences division in '13 or '14.
Sullivan Software LABTROL N/A Seems to have been a FoxPro-based LIMS.[98] No other info.
Summit Research Services Metabase N/A Website shut down sometime after mid-April 2016. Presumed closed.[99]
SWAG SL QA-Lab, QA-Traza,
W-Instrum, WQC
N/A Offered QA/QC LIMS until website shut down in 2012.[100]
System Approach, Ltd. Lab Keeper Russia Company still active, but Lab Keeper LIMS not offered anymore.
Telecation Aspen LIMS, Conifer LIMS N/A Telecation bought by OPS Systems in 2004.[101]
OPS Systems bought by Hach Company in 2009.[102]
Zumatrix, Inc. apparently supporting Aspen LIMS[103].
Tellac Applications TELLAC'Suite N/A Bought by APILOG Automation group in 2001.
Marketed as QUALIMS.[104]
Tieto Corporation Seamless LIMS Finland Company still active, but product discontinued in roughly late 2013.
Tropical Software Solutions, Inc. LabPartner N/A Per Florida Department of State, business inactive.[105]
TUSC Computer Systems METRIX N/A Changed name to TUSC IT Scripts.
Sold METRIX to LabWare, Inc.[106]
Two Fold Software Limited Qualoupe LIMS N/A Company went insolvent November 26, 2018.[107]
UNIConnect LC UNIFlow N/A Acquired by Sunquest Information Systems, Inc. on November 10, 2016.[108]
Ventyx, Inc. CCLAS United States Mincom Pty. Ltd. absorbed into Ventyx along with CCLAS on February 6, 2012.[83]
Ventyx became ABB Enterprise Software on January 30, 2015.[109]
VeriLIMS (Pty) Ltd. VeriLIMS N/A Acquired by QM-Tek (Pty) Ltd. October 2016.[110]
Visual Access Health Systems Pvt. Ltd. VATIM N/A Web presence ended sometime in 2013
or 2014. Status not clear.
Waban Software, Inc. Waban LIMS N/A Bought by Phase Forward Incorporated in 2009.[111]
Waban LIMS now controlled by Phase Forward.
White Point Systems, Inc. NAPIS N/A Company discontinued offering NAPIS late '16 or early '17, status unknown.
Wildtype Informatics LLC Wildtype Linx N/A Dissolved (see vendor article for details)
Xenco Software EnviroLIMS United States Became Xenco Laboratories and discontinued LIMS near end of 2004.[112]
YourLabData.com Your Lab Data N/A The website ceased to operate sometime after February 9, 2014.[113]
Zumatrix, Inc. Matrix Gemini N/A Used to distribute and support Autoscribe Ltd.'s product.
Now absorbed into subsidiary Autoscribe Informatics Inc.[114]

Inactive LIS vendors

Vendor Key LIS offering(s) Headquarters
Additional notes
ACT Medisys, Ltd. INTEGO N/A Bought by iSoft.[115]
Al-Maharaat Company Maxim-LIS Iraq Still operational, but removed LIS software from website in 2018.
Antek HealthWare, LLC LabDAQ United States Merged into CompuGroup Medical, Inc. December 31, 2011.[116] See Antek record for more info.
Antrim Corporation Answers Medical Information Systems N/A/ After being bought by Sunquest Information Systems, Inc. in 1996[117],
Sunquest was bought by Misys plc in 2001.[118]
BCS Limited Masterlab N/A/ After being bought by Torex PLC in 2002[119],
Torex was bought by Clinisys Solutions Limited in 2005.[120]
Benetech, Inc. G*LIS Canada Company still active, but stopped marketing G*LIS sometime after May 1, 2013.
Bio-Analytical Technologies Pvt. Ltd. PathlabSys India Company still active, but stopped marketing PathlabSys sometime after February 2017.[121]
Biomar Technologies, Inc. LAB Wizard N/A Went bankrupt.[122][123]
Cambridge Biotech Software, Inc. POLARIS N/A Company officially dissolved August 15, 2008.[124]
CDS Group, Ltd. TelePath, DDMS N/A Bought by ACT Medisys, Ltd.[125][126]
ClinLab, Inc. ClinLab LIS United States Acquired by Medytox Solutions, Inc. on April 3, 2014[127], which was then merged
into CollabRx to form Rennova Health, Inc. on November 2, 2015.[128]
Dedalus SpA Dedalus LIS Italy Company still active but no longer offers LIS.
DOMA Technologies, LLC DOMA LIS United States Company still active but no longer offers LIS.
Eclipsys Corporation Sunrise Laboratory N/A See Allscripts. Eclispsys merged with Allscripts in 2010.[129]
Elekta AB IntelliLab Sweden The company discontinued marketing IntelliLab LIS on its website sometime
between May and July 2013.
Entre Technology Group GenesysNSL N/A Website went dark some time in 2017.
Exleaz Solutions Limited MediEaz LIS N/A Website went dark some time in 2017.
Glivytech Services Pvt. Ltd. AcutCare LIS N/A Websites went dark some time in the summer of 2017.
Health Science Systems OPUS N/A Bought OPUS Healthcare Solutions, Inc and assumed its name[citation needed].
OPUS Healthcare bought by Quality Systems, Inc. in 2010 and merged with
NextGen Healthcare Information Systems, Inc.[130]
Healthcare Management Systems, Inc. HMS Laboratory N/A Became MEDHOST, Inc. on Dec. 16, 2013.[131]
IMPAC Medical Systems, Inc. IntelliLab N/A Bought by Elekta AB in 2005.[132]
INLOG SA EDGElab, SAPANET N/A On 31 August 2014, INLOG ceased functioning as "a Haemonetics Company"
and was fully absorbed into Haemonetics Corporation.[61]
IntelliData, Inc. IntelliLab N/A Bought by IMPAC Medical Systems, Inc. in 2002.[133]
ISYS/Biovation Messenger N/A Website shut down in mid-2014. Status assumed dissolved.
Keane, Inc. Keane Optimum United States Purchased by[134] and absorbed into[135] NTT DATA Corporation.
LAB-InterLink LAB-Manager N/A Bought Labotix Automation, Inc. in 2000; took that name in 2007.[136]
Labotix Automation, Inc. RRUSH N/A Bought by Cerner Corporation March 18, 2013.[137][138]
LCI, Inc. Hummingbird N/A Acquired by American HealthNet, Inc.[139], which was then acquired by
Healthland in 2009.[140]
M/MGMT Systems, Inc. M/LAB N/A Bought by Common Cents Systems, Inc. in 2006.[141]
McKesson Corporation McKesson Lab United States Company still active, but sold off health/business informatics
division to Allscripts in October 2017.[142][143]
Merge Healthcare Inc. Merge LIS N/A Acquired by IBM.[144]
Mukon CC PathWay N/A Changed name to Mukon Informatics (Pty) Ltd. in mid-2016.[145][146]
Multidata Computer Systems, Inc. MultiTech N/A Closed November 2016.[147]
Neusoft Medical Systems Co., Ltd. Neusoft LIS China Company still active but discontinued LIS in January 2018.[148]
NFLC, Inc. HYBRID N/A Company seems to be defunct. Only online evidence is a
canceled trademark for HYBRID in 2008.[149]
NoemaLife SpA DNLab N/A Acquired by Dedalus SpA in June 2016.[150]
NTT DATA Corporation Optimum Clinicals Japan, United States Website update in '17 or '18 removed mention of Optimum Clinicals LIS. Company still active.
Pact Sotraig SARL ADLAB-400 N/A In early 2015, the Pact Sotraig website shut down.[151]
The business is presumed to be closed.
PCS Technology Limited Lab Plus India Sold its LIMS to MedPrecinct Solutions Pvt. Ltd. in December 2016.[152] Still active, presumably.
PROTEK Dental Medikal Sanayi ve Ticaret Ltd. Şti. i-LIS N/A Website went dark in 2017.
QuadraMed Affinity Corporation QCPR United States Still active, but removed QCPR from website in 2018.
Rabbit Healthcare Systems Rabbit EHR United States Website went down sometime in late 2014 or during 2015. Presumed closed.
Roche Diagnostics IT Solutions GmbH SWISSLAB Germany Acquired Swisslab GmbH in 2009.[153]. Sold to NEXUS AG in November 2018.[154][155]
SGS Cortex Quality Software LAB/400 N/A Was bought by Cegeka in 2005.[156]
Shreay Technology Solutions Locus India Removed its health informatics software from website in 2018. Still active.
Swisslab GmbH SWISSLAB N/A Acquired and made part of Roche Diagnostics IT Solutions GmbH in 2009.[153]
Sysware Healthcare Systems, Inc. SYSWARE LIS N/A Bought by Eclipsys Corporation in 2006.[157]
Tieto Corporation FlexLab/Kemi, FlexLab/SymPathy Finland Company still active, but product discontinued in roughly late 2013.
TriFour Healthcare Ltd. TriLab South Africa The company is still active but in middle to late September 2013 the company stopped
marketing its LIS TriLab on its website.
Triple G Corporation ULTRA LIS N/A Bought by GE Medical Systems Information Technologies in 2003.[158]
Visual Access Health Systems Pvt. Ltd. VATIM SOLUTIONS N/A Web presence ended sometime in 2013
or 2014. Status not clear.
William Woodard Associates Winpath 98 N/A Changed name to Sysmed Solutions Limited in 2003,
and then CliniSys Solutions Limited in 2004.[159]

Inactive SDMS vendors

Vendor Key SDMS offering(s) Headquarters
Additional notes
Labtronics Inc. Nexxis SDMS N/A Bought by PerkinElmer Inc. in May 2011.[160]
Poplar Solutions, LLC Labcore SDMS N/A Website went dead in early 2018. The company is presumably closed.
SDMSSoft, LLC SDMS Software N/A The website went offline in the fall of 2015. The company is presumably closed.
STARLIMS Corporation STARLIMS SDMS N/A Changed name to Abbott Informatics Corporation on May 30, 2014.[14]


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