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Jasco, Inc.
Type Corporation
Industry Laboratory informatics instruments and software
Headquarters 28600 Mary's Court, Easton, Maryland, U.S.
Area served North America
Products ChromNAV 2.0
Parent Jasco Corporation

Jasco, Inc. develops and distributes spectroscopy and chromatography hardware and software systems.


Jasco, Inc. is a subsidiary of Jasco Corporation, which was founded as Japan Spectroscopic Corporation in 1958.[1]

Technology and products

ChromNAV 2.0

Chromnav is a chromatography data system (CDS) "which can be used with any type of analytical separation, including: HPLC, UHPLC, SFC and preparative HPLC & SFC."[2]


ChromNAV features include[2]:

  • "Controls up to four systems simultaneously"
  • support for Jasco and third-party detectors
  • "Data sampling rates up to 100 Hz"
  • compatibility with UHPLC detectors
  • data analysis tools
  • extensible with modules
  • 21 CFR Part 11 compliance


Demonstration videos and other media

Jasco has 15 demonstration videos for ChromNAV in its library.

Additional information