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Omnilab Srl
Former type Società a Responsabilità Limitata
Industry Informatics software
Fate Acquired
Successor Abbott Srl
Founder(s) Luca Birolini, Giuseppe Oricci
Defunct 01 November 2017
Headquarters Piazza della Trivulziana 4/A, Milano, Italy
Area served Worldwide

Omnilab Srl developed and distributed laboratory informatics software and hardware solutions. Omnilab also offered other services such as custom development, training, and implementation help.[1] The company created products to assist clinical laboratories, blood transfusion laboratories, and in-vitro dignostic (IVD) vendors.


Omnilab was founded in 1998.[2]

In 2015, healthcare company Abbott acquired Omnilab. By November 1, 2017, Omnilab officially became Abbott Srl, doing business as Abbott Italy.[3] The LabOnline middleware was renamed to AlinIQ AMS.

Technology and products


LabOnline was a middleware platform designed to "manage and improve the capabilities of existing automation systems (pre-analytics, analytics and post-analytics) in any section of the laboratory."[1] The software was designed to work between one or more laboratory information systems (LIS) and analytical instruments, providing additional functionality and workflow management not available in either the LIS or the instrument.