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Developer(s) AGNITAS AG
Initial release August 3, 2006 (2006-08-03)[1][2]
Stable release  (January 4, 2024; 59 days ago (2024-01-04))

Preview release Beta  (July 26, 2022; 18 months ago (2022-07-26)) [±]
Written in C, Java, Python
Operating system Cross-platform
Available in Multilingual
Type Customer relationship management software
E-mail marketing software
License(s) Common Public Attribution License Version

OpenEMM is an open-source web-based e-mail marketing application, with customer relationship management (CRM), content management system (CMS), and business intelligence (BI) functionality. In addition to the free OpenEMM software, the developer, AGNITAS AG, also offers users fee-based commercial services like setup, e-mail support, hosting, and custom development.

Product history

OpenEMM was based on and inspired by AGNITAS' then commercial offering EMM. On June 8, 2006, AGNITAS AG created its OpenEE SourceForge project[3], feeling "the quality of [their] products was good enough to go open source with the standard version of [their] core software."[4]. A month later the company announced its first release candidate.[5][6] Its official stable release (starting with version 5.0) occurred on August 3, 2006[2] as a Linux distribution. A Windows-usable VMware version became available on September 20 with version 5.0.2.[7][8]

Version 6.0.0 of OpenEMM was released on November 20, 2009,[9] and a version called "OpenEMM 2011" was released in July 2011.[10] After a nearly two-year period a new version "2013" — internally versioned as 8.10.380.hf13.0.066 — was released to the public in January 2013.[11]

Following a significant period of public inactivity, AGNITAS posted a new roadmap for OpenEMM on April 3, 2018.[12] The company said of the upcoming OpenEMM 2020:

The next version of OpenEMM will be a fork of the commercial software EMM, which is in further development since 2015. Right now the backend code of EMM is undergoing a major refactoring, binding many development resources. For that reason, there is no capacity left over for releases of OpenEMM, with the exception of security fixes. That means that the release planned for this year is postponed to the end of next year.[12]

In May 2019, a beta of OpenEMM 2019 was released to the public, with a statement that once declared stable it would become available on GitHub.[13]


A full list of features can be found on the AGNITAS website.

Hardware/software requirements

Hardware and software requirements are explained on here.

Videos, screenshots, and other media

An online demo of the program exists, with details found here.

Entities using OpenEMM

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