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QueTel Corporation
Former type Corporation
Industry Information systems
Fate Acquired
Successor Omnigo Software
Defunct 09 April 2020[1][2]
Headquarters 10430 Baur Blvd., St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.
Area served U.S.
Website QueTel.com

QueTel Corporation develops and distributes evidence management solutions, including laboratory informatics software.


QueTel was founded in 1982.[3]

In April 2020, Omnigo Software announced that it was acquiring QueTel. Omnigo's CEO stated, "This strategic acquisition presents significant new opportunities for both Omnigo and QueTel to expand upon the portfolio of public safety and security tools delivered to customers."[1][2] However, as of 2022, the Lab TraQ laboratory information management system (LIMS) formerly offered by QueTel appears to no longer be offered by Onmigo, instead forwarding to their court management system Omnigo Courts.

Technology and products

Lab TraQ

Lab TraQ was a LIMS that was "intended to serve medium sized law enforcement agencies with forensic units that provide a range of services on site, though they may shift more technically demanding ones to state or county laboratories."[4]


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