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[edit] [purge] Template documentation

This template generates a table of examples for use in template documentation.


 <table class="wikitable">
 {{template example row|arg1}}
 {{template example row|arg1|arg2|arg3}}
 {{template example row|arg1|arg2|arg3|arg4|arg5}}

 <table class="wikitable">
 {{template example row|arg1|notes=...}}
 {{template example row|arg1|arg2|arg3|notes=...}}
 {{template example row|arg1|arg2|arg3|arg4|arg5|notes=...}}

 <table class="wikitable">
 {{template example row|template=templatename/subpage|arg1}}
 {{template example row|template=templatename/subpage|arg1|arg2|arg3}}
 {{template example row|template=templatename/subpage|arg1|arg2|arg3|arg4|arg5}}

It doesn't support named arguments to the example template yet.

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