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Bassetti France SAS
Type Société par actions simplifiée
Industry Laboratory informatics
Headquarters 4 Avenue Doyen Louis Weil, 38000 Grenoble, France
Number of locations 9
Area served Worldwide
Products TEEXMA
Parent Bassetti Group

Bassetti France SAS develops and distributes laboratory informatics software solutions, including the TEEXMA LIMS.


According to the company, it was founded in Grenoble, France on March 1, 1992 and first developed material management software.[1] This software evolved over the years, becoming TEEXMA (TEchnical EXpertise MAnagement) in 2008, with the creation of additional applications out of the suite to handle scientific data management, customer feedback, quality management, and maintenance.[1]

Technology and products

Bassetti offers a variety of products under the TEEXMA name, including materials management, environmental management, product life management, maintenance, quality control, and manufacturing solutions.[2] Of interest to laboratories is the TEEXMA for LIMS.


TEEXMA for LIMS is a modular laboratory information management system (LIMS) that allows you "to manage all your R&D or quality control laboratory activities."[3]


Pricing information is not made publicly available.

Demonstration videos and other media

The company has the following demonstration videos for TEEXMA:

Additional information