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LIMSjournal - Summer 2017
Volume 3, Issue 2
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LIMSjournal - Summer 2017: Volume 3, Issue 2

This collection of 13 open-access journal articles loaded to LIMSwiki in April–June 2017 is compiled as a convenient, easy-to-access compilation. It is organized alphabetically by topic and then by author, with the author and publication year appearing at the end for your convenience.

1. Big data, informatics, and research
Global data quality assessment and the situated nature of “best” research practices in biology (Leonelli 2017)
The FAIR Guiding Principles for scientific data management and stewardship (Wilkinson et al. 2016)
2. Bioinformatics
Analyzing the field of bioinformatics with the multi-faceted topic modeling technique (Heo et al. 2017)
Intervene: A tool for intersection and visualization of multiple gene or genomic region sets (Khan and Mathelier 2017)
3. Health, public health, and clinical informatics
The state of open-source electronic health record projects: A software anthropology study (Alsaffar et al. 2017)
Users’ perspectives on a picture archiving and communication system (PACS): An in-depth study in a teaching hospital in Kuwait (Buabbas et al. 2016)
The effect of a test ordering software intervention on the prescription of unnecessary laboratory tests - A randomized controlled trial (Martins et al. 2017)
Effective information extraction framework for heterogeneous clinical reports using online machine learning and controlled vocabularies (Zheng et al. 2017)
4. Laboratory information management systems
Baobab Laboratory Information Management System: Development of an open-source laboratory information management system for biobanking (Bendou et al. 2017)
MASTR-MS: A web-based collaborative laboratory information management system (LIMS) for metabolomics (Hunter et al. 2017)
Selecting a laboratory information management system for biorepositories in low- and middle-income countries: The H3Africa experience and lessons learned (Kyobe et al. 2017)
5. Miscellaneous
A multi-service data management platform for scientific oceanographic products (D’Anca et al. 2017)
Neuroimaging, genetics, and clinical data sharing in Python using the CubicWeb framework (Grigis et al. 2017)